"5.11" Golden Week action in each market (Figure)

● In order to cooperate with the “May 1 Golden Week”, all ports in Xinjiang will be closed for 10 days from April 26 to May 6. All goods will be sent abroad after the holidays, and the export of lamps will be suspended. It is understood that merchants from Central Asian countries come to Urumqi to purchase more lamps and lanterns. Due to the retreat of various ports, these merchants have chosen to travel in Xinjiang, and then remove the lamps after the re-entry. (Reporter Jin Qiang Urumqi reported)

● Shi Xianmin, the person in charge of the Lighting Life Museum on the third floor of Zhongwei Home in Dongkuxi Street, Hohhot, told the reporter that the store had “buy one get one free” (ie buy 100 get 100) during the “May 1st” Golden Week. The first one of the promotion activities during the “May 1st” period in Hohhot. (Apprentice Zhang Jianzhong reported by Hohhot)

● Korea Hyundai Lighting (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. has established a famous market image store and opened it during the “May 1st” period. According to Xiong Xuguang, manager of Hyundai Lighting Henan Region, the image store completely displays all the products of modern lighting in accordance with the standardized design of Hyundai's VI. (trainee reporter Wang Xiaohong reported in Zhengzhou)

● Recently, Op has held the “Stunning Gifts and Four Gifts” event at Ningbo Modern Mall. According to Zhang Zhiyuan, representative of Op Lighting's business, this is the first time that Op's event in Ningbo this year. The guide booklet distributed on the spot also attracted the attention of many consumers. (trainee reporter Huang Yubing reported by Ningbo)

● According to Zhang Shengwang, manager of Zhuguang Lighting, Jining District, Wulanchabu, Inner Mongolia, the store has held a 20-day bargain promotion from April 20th to May 10th, operating Dafeng, TCL Lighting, Guoyi Brands such as Sheepskin Light, Dragon Ball and Haohao are sought after by local consumers. (Apprentice Zhang Jianzhong reported in Inner Mongolia)


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