Lighting brand rushed to grab Urumqi in May (Figure)

In the hot May, the enthusiasm of the lighting brand in Urumqi could not be blocked. Throughout May, the Urumqi lighting market has undergone amazing changes. The reporter found that during this time, both in Hualing market and in the light city of Mercure Logistics Park, it was very lively, and there were constantly lighting brands coming in. Dongpu and Ou Dier just stepped in, and Qianli, Prevet, Olenis and Pecos followed the heel, and opened a brand new store with lightning speed. Even well-informed people even heard about Chen Hui, Guangbao and Sidon and other lighting brands, and they are about to go to Xinjiang to develop information. It is not difficult to find that these relatively well-known brands in China are not too small, and one is to open a specialty store, and the decoration is also very high grade.
Entering the Dongpu 4S store in Urumqi, people will inevitably be attracted by its luxurious and generous brand image, complete range and high quality products. In addition to the conventional commercial lighting and engineering lighting products, there are also ten different products. The office lighting, and the rare high-grade marble lamp also displays a wall here, which fully reflects the rich product range of Donghao Lighting. The store styles of Odile, Thousand, Prevet, Olenis and Pecos are also quite new and unique, naturally attracting a lot of attention. So far, according to statistics, there are 12 lighting stores in Xinjiang, with a new rate of 50%. It can be seen that the brand store has gradually become the trend of the development of the lighting industry in Urumqi this year.
Pan Shengma, the investor of Dongpu 4S shop and the general manager of Urumqi Dahongyun Light City, believes that the high quality of the specialty store can highlight the good quality of Donghao Lighting. Now people's consumption level is constantly improving, and the choice of lamps is also rising. Buying lamps in specialty stores has become a choice for some people who love fashion. However, specialty stores are not suitable for general lighting products, only high-quality brands can show the effect. From the current trend, more and more lighting manufacturers will pay attention to the brand line, and there will be some new brands in the future, which will continue to impact the Xinjiang market.


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