Seoul Semiconductor launches 42 lumens per watt warm white Acriche

brief introduction: Seoul Semiconductor announced that Acriche, the world's first semiconductor lighting source for AC output, currently achieves warm white light close to daylight quality, making it ideal for general and indoor lighting applications. Warm white Acriche has 42 lumens per watt. Real system light efficiency - luminous efficiency, ballast efficiency and illuminator efficiency are taken into account - warm white Acriche is 39.9 lumens per watt. It is higher than an incandescent lamp of 7.5 lumens per watt and a compact fluorescent lamp of 30.6 lumens per watt.

Warm white Acriche is the most suitable product to replace DC LED lighting. Compared with traditional warm white light 35 lumens per watt DC LED, warm white Acriche achieves 42 lumens per watt higher than 20% efficiency. Warm white Acriche can also emit a brighter lighting environment without the need for a converter or ballast.

Seoul Semiconductor also introduced warm white Acriche with 33 lumens per watt of color rendering of 90. Acriche warm white light has a high color rendering index and excellent color rendering capability, making it suitable for a variety of environmental applications requiring color and precise illumination, such as museums. Luxury hotel, art gallery, exhibition room.

Cheong Hoon Lee, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor Corp., said environmental pollution and oil prices are rising and the effects of mercury and lead continue to alarm our ecosystem. We hope to eliminate energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting applications by replacing lighting with production, such as warm white Acriche, which can be compared with traditional lighting sources.

Acriche LED Lighting Technology Introduction

Traditional lighting devices such as conventional light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, and LED lighting products are limited to direct current operation, and additional devices are required to be connected to the AC plug. And Acriche, the world's only semiconductor lighting technology, can be directly connected to the home AC plug, using off-the-shelf lighting. In addition, Acriche is a brand new technology that breaks through traditional thinking and combines more than a dozen light-emitting cells into a single chip.

Acriche is longer and more durable than current lighting products, with a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, which is much higher than 1,000 hours for conventional bulbs; 3,000 hours for quartz lamps and 8,000 hours for fluorescent lamps. The cost of electricity is also greatly reduced. Acriche saves electricity costs by 75% compared to conventional bulbs and 40% less energy than conventional fluorescent lamps.

Seoul Semiconductor Introduction

Seoul Semiconductor is one of the world's leading suppliers of LED lighting technology, ranking first among Korean LED lighting suppliers and one of the top ten ultra-bright LED suppliers in the world. Seoul Semiconductor has recently been voted by Forges and Business Week's two internationally renowned magazines as the most promising companies in Asia. Seoul Semiconductor's main product categories include side-light LEDs, top-light LEDs, sliced ​​LEDs, plug-in LEDs and piranhas (super-light) LEDs. Products have been widely used in general lighting, including construction, roads, engineering lighting, portable lighting, advertising light boxes, mobile phones, electronic accounts, televisions, laptops, automobiles, indoor lighting, LED electronic displays and traffic lights. Among them.

Seoul Semiconductor has 927 patents and 83 exclusive licenses. As of 2006, it has owned 1,000 patents. Seoul Semiconductor has three companies in Korea, 12 foreign offices and 90 points of sale around the world. Seoul Semiconductor’s total sales in 2006 reached 200 million US dollars. As of January 2007, the number of Seoul Semiconductor employees, including its subsidiaries Seoul Optodevice and Kwang Myung Semiconductor, was 1,022, of which 160 were responsible for research and development.

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