Breakthrough in the field of light source has the opportunity to plan the lighting industry

After the lighting manufacturers have experienced nearly fierce competition, the shortage of research and development capabilities has become a bottleneck restricting the development of many enterprises. Therefore, many domestic and foreign merchants have turned their attention to the light source. The common light source is the foundation of lighting, and also the lighting industry in China. The weakest link, there is no traditional meaning in the light source market, there is no local leading brand, who can take the lead in the field of light source, who will have the opportunity to plan the lighting industry.

To become the leading brand in the lighting market, Chinese companies must change from channels and marketing models. Because from the traditional lighting industry circulation channel, usually the enterprise's approach is a large wholesale model. After the price increase, the price/performance ratio deviates significantly. The disorderly price competition makes some manufacturers have to reduce the manufacturing cost of the products. The market has caused consumers to have concerns and misunderstandings: energy-saving lamps do not save money. In order for consumers to buy high-quality products at low prices, they must change the traditional marketing model, reduce the intermediate sales links, reduce marketing costs, improve network coverage, and start from the sales end, so that consumers can truly achieve the doorstep at home. You can buy international quality energy-saving lamps.

Chinese local lighting companies already have the strength to compete with international brands, but our marketing ideas and research and development strength are still far behind international brands. If we want to compete with international brands, we will become the leading brand of local light source, ensuring quality. Under the premise, the new marketing model will be a breakthrough for local lighting companies. As the marketing model of light source lighting products shifts from production focus to consumer-oriented, dealers change from sitting to merchants, local Lighting companies must also adjust their marketing models to adapt to the changing market competition mechanism, and have the opportunity to become the leading brand in the lighting market in China and the world.


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