Appeared Apple HOME key sapphire components "money flavor" is getting thicker

A few days ago, Apple officially released two new products, iPhone5C and iPhone5S. The sharp and realistic capital market quickly captured the “money flavor” – sapphire components. Previously, Apple used sapphire material as the mobile phone lens on the iPhone, and now it has extended to the iPhone5S HOME button with fingerprint recognition function.

Apple will use a lot of sapphire material

"On the early morning of Wednesday, when Apple's senior vice president Phil Schiller introduced the fingerprint identification function 'touchID' of the iPhone5S at the press conference, the entire component industry chain was very excited." On September 16, an unwilling name The person in charge of the Shenzhen mobile phone component supplier told the Southern Reporter that the new HOME button that supports the touchID function has adopted the sapphire material, which means that “Apple will use a large amount of sapphire material”.

However, the person in charge also said that at present, there are very few enterprises in mainland China that can realize this technology and mass production products, and most of the production capacity is in the hands of Taiwanese companies. "The so-called excitement is mainly to see the trend of sapphire, and other surrounding industries that may be driven." The person in charge said.

Two days after Apple’s launch, the USPTO’s patent application on the 12th showed that Apple described sapphire in consumer electronics in a patent document titled “Sapphire Laminates”. The mass production process of the device. According to the application, the patent was originally issued in March with the goal of reducing the processing cost of sapphire in order to serve as an extremely scratch-resistant panel protection layer and even as a device screen.

Mobile phone camera sapphire

On September 16, GEM's shareholder Crystal Electronics (002199) quickly increased its daily limit. The company is the only company in mainland China that can mass produce glass-encapsulated SMD products, and is building a production workshop capable of producing 7.5 million LED sapphire wafers per year.

Nandu reporter tried to contact the general manager of Dongjing Electronics and the secretary of the board of directors Wu Zongze yesterday, but there was no result until the publication. The person in charge said that according to its understanding, there is no direct connection between Dongjing Electronics and Apple. In addition to the lens, the iPhone5S also uses sapphire material on the HOME button. The first advantage is that it has already cooperated with Taiwanese companies. .

The head of the above-mentioned component companies estimated that before the launch of the iPhone 5s, sapphire chips were mainly used on mobile phone cameras. According to the 2-inch substrate cutting, one substrate can cut about 55 camera components. The area of ​​the HOME button is about 3-4 times that of the camera, and the normal cutting can cut about 16 pieces. “Currently, the overall market capacity of 2-inch sapphire substrates is 1.5 million pieces/year. Assuming iPhone5S shipments are equal to iPhone5, the market capacity will soar to 7.5 million pieces/year, so don’t be underestimated.”

In addition, greater market potential is hidden in Apple's "Sapphire Laminates" patent document. The industry estimates that in the future, Apple may also use the sapphire panel on the iPhone. The entire glass on the front of the fuselage is replaced with sapphire material. At that time, the demand for production capacity will increase by dozens of times.

For sapphire companies, the first benefit may not be Apple's large-scale use of sapphire materials in the future, but more and more mobile phone manufacturers are beginning to use sapphire materials on their mobile phones' cameras like Apple.

It is understood that Korean companies Samsung, LG and Taiwanese companies HTC have begun to take action. Or drive the mobile phone manufacturers to fully turn to the "sapphire camera."

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