Toshiba Introduces Fusion Original Infrared LED Low Power Optocoupler

Toshiba Corporation announced that it has introduced the "TLP2361" and "TLP2161" optocouplers that combine 15Mbps high-speed communication with low power consumption. Mass production is scheduled to begin in August 2013.

These products incorporate Toshiba's original infrared LEDs, which provide high output and reliability to ensure low input current operation and a threshold input current reduction of approximately 54% compared to similar products. This LED has a stable output at high ambient temperatures, ensuring operation in environments up to 125 degrees Celsius (the highest level of work in the industry). By using a Bi-CMOS process, the supply current per channel is reduced to 1 mA (maximum), which reduces the total supply current of the "TLP2361" and "TLP2161" by approximately 66% and 60%, respectively.

The "TLP2361" is available in a small SO6 package that achieves a 5mm (minimum) clearance and creepage distance and meets the enhanced overseas safety standard (EN60747-5-5) insulation rating. The "TLP2161" incorporates two circuits in the SO8 package, reducing the mounting area by approximately 40% compared to the two "TLP2361" and driving application simplification and reduced printed circuit board costs.

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