Cree Releases 2011 Q4 Earnings Surplus, Financial Measurements Disappointing Market

Recently, LED upstream chip factory Cree announced the second quarter of 2012 fiscal year (October-December 2011) financial report: revenue increased by 18% (13% increase in the quarter) to 304.1 million US dollars; the industry gross margin since the same period last year 47.7 % fell sharply to 35.3%; the operating profit ratio fell from 26.5% to 10.3%; the industry's diluted earnings per share decreased by 55% to 0.25 US dollars.

Originally, Cree’s October-December revenue and earnings per share were $308.5 million and $0.26.

Looking forward to this quarter (January-March 2012), Cree expects revenue to reach US$2.90-310 million (intermediate value is US$300 million, equivalent to 1.4% quarter-on-quarter); the gross profit margin of the industry will reach 35-36% The industry's earnings per share will reach 0.18-0.25 US dollars (the middle value is 0.215 US dollars). Originally expected Cree's January-March revenue, the industry's earnings per share will reach 321.37 million US dollars, 0.30 US dollars.

Cree said that as of the end of December 2011, the inventory amount decreased by $16.3 million to $187.4 million, and the inventory days fell from 107 days at the end of the last quarter to 85 days.

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