Qualcomm will enter the PC chip market

Yesterday, Paul Jacobs, chairman and chief executive of Qualcomm, the global leader in mobile phone chips, said in an interview in China that Qualcomm will enter the PC chip market, compared with traditional PC chip makers such as Intel. Qualcomm has its own advantages in chip power consumption and functional integration.

Paul Jacobs said that Qualcomm is talking to PC makers about building thin and light computers with longer power, and in the PC field, Qualcomm has its own unique advantages. The first is to reduce PC power consumption; second is highly functional integration. Most of the products based on their chips will be very light and thin, but they will integrate many important functions such as mobile computing and image processing on one chip.

In addition to the PC market, Qualcomm has also begun to set foot in the television field. Not long ago, the smart TV displayed by Lenovo at the International Consumer Electronics Show was a Qualcomm chip.

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