How to use five major considerations in the washing machine

The birth of a washing machine facilitates family life, especially for women who are busy with work and do not have much time for housework. However, improper use of washing machines can easily lead to bacterial infections, allergies, and dermatitis. If you can pay attention to the following five things when using a washing machine laundry, you can reduce these situations.

The main source of E. coli in underwear to be washed separately is underwear. It is recommended that underwear be washed by hand. If using a washing machine, it should be placed separately and cleaned with warm water. In addition, you may wish to pour disinfectant or bleach into the washing machine and allow it to idling for 10 minutes, once a week, also to remove bacteria.

Bedding with warm hot water, linen, pillowcases and other bedding are the biggest breeding ground for dust mites. Dust mites can cause allergies. Experts suggest that bed linen should be washed once with hot water once a week, and the water temperature should not be lower than 54 degrees Celsius, which can effectively eliminate allergens.

Wash your clothes and remove them from the washing machine. Some people save time. After the washing machine is turned on, go out shopping or do something else. Wait until you return home and then put the washed clothes on. However, experts recommend that, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria, clothing should be removed within 30 minutes after the end of laundry. It should be noted that once the washed laundry has been placed in the washing machine for more than one hour, it should be washed again. In addition, you should wash your hands thoroughly after taking out the laundry.

Use the washing machine to open the window and change the air The moist heat that radiates from the washing machine will cause the humidity in the laundry room to increase, creating an ideal environment for mold growth. The washing machine should open the window or ventilation fan when working.

After using the washing machine, washing the mold with air will cause eye congestion, itching, and difficulty breathing. Asthma or allergic attacks will occur. To prevent mold growth in the machine, you should open the doors and windows after washing to allow the air to dry in the washing machine.

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