Develop external chain construction for the smart home industry

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"How to focus on smart home how to optimize internal?"

In the 21st century, the Internet has entered a stage of rapid development in China. The Internet is no longer a new thing. Nowadays, everyone is equipped with a smart phone, and they can access the Internet anytime, anywhere. In the period of rapid development of the mobile Internet, the smart home industry as a new concept product has benefited greatly from this background. The smart home combined with the smart phone client can be easily manipulated and control the home situation at any time. It is the main slogan of smart home.

In the context of the rapid development of the Internet, more and more enterprises and businesses adopt online sales models, and most of the traffic interfaces are from Baidu. Baidu is one of the most targeted online platforms. As a smart home industry, Internet marketing is very competitive. So how do you stand out? Today, I share with you the experience of SEO in the smart home industry. How do I develop the external chain for the smart home industry?

Other aspects of network promotion are not discussed today. Today, we mainly share the network construction of the smart home industry. The importance of a SEO-compliant website content does not require me to say more. Is it ok to do the content well? Of course not, the best internal training is also necessary to have a move. The external chain is like a move. We need to release a quality external chain to improve the overall weight of the website. For the analysis of the smart home industry, how to release high-quality external links?

First, Baidu's platform:

Baidu not only does the search engine do excellent, but other platforms also do very well, such as: Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu experience, Baidu library, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu space and so on. These Baidu's platforms are very good for the external chain, because it is Baidu's business, usually Baidu is very caring, of course, the external chain of these platforms must also have certain skills, as for how to make the outer chain Go to these platforms and see your skills. You can also pay for it and play it yourself.

Second, the question and answer platform:

We all know that Baidu knows, then there are other question and answer platforms you know? For example, Sogou question and answer (original search and ask), 360 know, search room Q & A, Sina love question, Tianya question and answer, know and so on. These platforms are all available for answering and asking questions. We can edit some questions and questions about the smart home industry to post questions, and then use other accounts to answer, by the way, bring the URL.

You can also answer questions from the same industry. Because these questions and answers platforms have a strict review of the problems, how to achieve the goals requires long-term consideration. For my analysis of the smart home industry, little information about the smart home question and answer class is done. We can do the question and answer platform with two mentality to do, leave the link to stay the link, can not leave the link to leave the company name, so that not only can do the external chain, but also can promote the company brand.

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