OLED popularity makes you rise "pose"

With the continuous development of lighting technology, LED is currently infiltrating into all aspects of human life at an unstoppable speed. In recent years, LEDs have been ushered in. But recently, another term, OLED, has begun to appear frequently around you. So, what exactly is OLED?

Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the introduction - OLED.

OLED: Organic light-emitting diode, also known as organic electro-laser display.

OLED display technology has self-luminous properties, using a very thin coating of organic materials and a glass substrate that emits light when current is passed through it.

To illustrate the OLED structure, each OLED unit can be compared to a hamburger, and the luminescent material is the vegetable sandwiched between them. The display unit of each OLED can be controlled to produce three different colors of light.

The main advantages of OLED:

OLED application:

OLED has more advantages than traditional display materials or various types of lighting technology, but its future development prospects, let us use the following market research to end today's small classroom!

According to the market forecast of Display Search, by 2020, the OLED industry's revenue scale has an opportunity to see 35 billion US dollars. The flexible OLED panel is the first to be applied to mobile phone products. Currently, tablet PCs are also introduced. LG Electronics also introduced large-size OLED TVs.

However, the development of OLED TV at this stage is not smooth. As flat-panel TVs have entered a mature stage, price competition is fierce. Whether it is consumers or TV brand owners, they are very sensitive to product prices. However, OLED organic materials do not last long, and the process is complicated, resulting in high production costs and yield. Not easy to upgrade. The TV market today has a 4K (resolution 3,840x2,160) trend, and the TFT LCD industry chain is relatively mature, providing TV manufacturers with cost-competitive and high-resolution 4K UHD TV panels. In the short term, the industry believes that OLED panels will still be the mainstay of the small-sized mobile device market, and will be introduced into TV, lighting and other applications, and it will take time to ferment.

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