Traditional metal halide lamp meets challenges Philips pushes ultra-high cost performance floodlighting solution

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] At present, in the outdoor key lighting market, traditional metal halide lamps and sodium lamps are favored by users because of their own cost and performance advantages, and become widely used in the market. Light lighting solutions.

However, from the perspective of the entire lighting application environment, compared with the home lighting, the outdoor key lighting has high lighting time and high service life due to the long lighting time of the lighting.

As we all know, LED has the basic advantages of long service life and high luminous efficiency. Because of these advantages, LED floodlights are considered to be an excellent alternative to traditional metal halide lamps for outdoor key lighting. Although users are more cautious about LEDs due to product price and product performance, outdoor lighting is still the region with the highest LED coverage based on the above requirements.

Since the beginning of this year, with the further decline in the cost of chips and devices in the LED industry chain, the prices of LED floodlights and other lighting products continue to decline, and the price difference between finished LED lamps and traditional products has further narrowed. The price of LED lamps is close to the mass market. The sweet spot that can be accepted, the demand for LED products continues to rise, which again puts pressure on traditional metal halide lamps and sodium lamps.

In the first half of this year, many lighting companies such as Yuanhui Optoelectronics and Qinshang Optoelectronics successively released several super-cost-effective outdoor floodlights, especially several products released by Qinshang Optoelectronics. The price of the products is similar to that of traditional metal halide lamps. On the basis of technology, new designs have been adopted from process to raw materials to light distribution, which has aroused widespread concern in the industry.

Following the release of several smart lighting solutions in June this year, on July 22, Philips announced the launch of a cost-effective Tempo LED floodlighting solution in China.

It is understood that this product is built after the traditional ConTempo metal halide lamp made by Philips 20 years ago. It is completely designed for the needs of floodlighting or floodlighting applications, and can replace traditional outdoor floodlighting or floodlighting fixtures.

In the selection of materials, Tempo LED adopts the innovative modular design without glass anti-ashing. The shell is made of ADC1 durable aluminum material, and the unique through-hole heat dissipation design can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Tempo LED also adopts the unique optimized lens of anti-ash accumulation of imported PC plastics selected by international brands, which provides excellent weather resistance against yellowing and UV resistance while ensuring that the lens does not accumulate dust. The overall luminaire has a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP65 and is equipped with a surge protector to prevent 14 typhoons. It also passes Philips' proprietary anti-vibration test to ensure safe and reliable use.

In addition, in terms of energy saving effect, Tempo LED has a luminous efficacy of up to 100 lm/W, a service life of up to 30,000 hours, and an energy saving effect of more than 50%.

"There are many companies in the market that use high cost performance as a means of sales. Personally, the price/performance ratio cannot be simply measured by the price of the product, but should be a combination of product performance, light efficiency, and service life." Philips Lighting Public relations manager Zhang Xu stressed. According to reports, after the launch of Tempo, 220W Tempo can widely replace the traditional 400-watt ConTempo metal halide lamp, and widely used in the details of different areas such as billboards, building facades, factory lighting, outdoor non-professional stadium lighting and parking lot lighting. Lighting needs.

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