Domestic high-power LED light source for PK International Factory

It is undoubted that CREE, Lumiled s, OSRAM, and NIC HIA stand at the top of the industry. Compared with many domestic LED products, they are indeed superior in terms of details, such as aperture, consistency, and attenuation. Under normal circumstances, CREE and other light sources are rarely used unless there are the following conditions: 1. Patent problems; 2. Differences in lighting effects; 3. Customer designation. The first and second situations are unavoidable in some markets. In the face of raging market competition and technological innovation, people should respect the intellectual property rights of others. After adding lenses, many domestic LEDs are prone to aperture and so on. The situation is rather stupid, can only say "not bad money."

There is a saying that the price of imported film in the year of Le Kaila, China prompted HP and DELL to lower the attitude, the cottage machine makes NOKIA and MOTO and other imported mobile phones bid farewell to profiteering, whether it is accurate or not, I am not sure, but at least said a small Part of it. Isn't this the LED industry?

Recalling the situation of investigating high-power LEDs in early 2004. At that time, there were no enterprises in China to launch high-power LEDs. CREE is still in the middle of it. OSRAM OPTO is also busy with its car lights (small power), not to mention Nichia, and it is hard to understand the Japanese character. Nichia is the LED industry. The leader, but in the high-power industry it is indeed the slowest response. The only thing that could be bought at the time was Lumileds' high-power LED, which was 1W-20lm-55 yuan, 3W-100 yuan, 5W-200 yuan (immature products, and later not pushed). It is undeniable that at the time it was limited by the output, equipment investment, and yield, the cost was indeed high. Later, with the launch of other international big powers and the maturity of domestic technology, the price went down, but basically kept the import. The product price is 2 to 3 times that of domestic products. Nowadays, high-power LEDs have been blooming all over the place, and the material cost is almost transparent. In the face of the price of two or three times the disparity, international manufacturers naturally have its explanation: quality differences.

If it was three years ago, such quality differences still affect the main cause of back-end applications, but now I think this difference is not very important for the entire lighting system. After several years of development, domestic manufacturers have accumulated A lot of experience, but also a lot of data support, the real constraints on the back-end applications are not in the LED itself, what is the difference between 30,000 hours and 50,000 hours?? The power supply does not reach such a long life, other components will age, LED development is so fast, more energy-efficient products will be introduced in one or two years, and old products are not waiting to be eliminated?

Analysis of current high-power LED applications:

1. Spotlights. This application generally requires the use of secondary lenses. At present, many domestic LEDs do not work well after passing through the lens, but this phenomenon can be eliminated by the matte lens. Although it is a little lost, compared with the expensive price of imported LEDs, domestic LEDs are still used. High cost performance;

2, street lights. The outdoor environment is even worse. After solving the problems of heat dissipation and sealing, the cost of using domestic LEDs is much lower. If you are not confident in your own thermal management capabilities, the choice of imported light source can certainly make up for the lack of its own technology. After all, it imports in terms of attenuation. LEDs are indeed better than domestic LEDs, I think confident manufacturers dare to use domestic LEDs;

3, bulbs. This application is more suitable for domestic LEDs, but most of these products are currently exported, and domestic products are subject to patent issues. Look at the marketing of imported brands, administrative expenses, staff salaries, why should we pay for these high expenses? If the ruby ​​capacitors can improve the life of the power system and increase the added value compared with the domestic products, then import LED lighting system The impact of life is limited, after all, there are too many factors to decide whether to replace the new lighting equipment. In the LED industry, supporting domestic products is not only a patriotic slogan, but also a rational performance.

All of the above are high-power LEDs. For low-power products, especially for display LEDs, we have to admit that the difference between imported and domestic products is obvious in the application products.

Antenk D-Sub,D-Shaped Connectors Solutions offer a broad range of higher reliability D-Sub connectors. 

Antenk's D-Sub product line is designed for applications that require a rugged, robust I/O connector system with various styles and mounting options. All are used in a variety of industries including computer, industrial, medical, and military markets.

Antenk High-Density D-Sub Connectors
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Antenk D-Sub connectors solder cup machined contacts are manufactured according to the standards MIL-C-24308 and DIN 41652. The standard connectors from Antenk are available in all known versions and sizes. They are available in various version with numerous assemblies. The insulating body, a monoblock, complies with the UL94 V-0 standard. The contacts are machined and available in several quality classes.

Features of Antenk's Solder Cup Standard D-Sub Connector Machined contacts

Solder cup d-sub available in 5 industry sizes/positions

Standard Density ( 9 pin , 15 pin , 25 pin , 37 pin , 50 pin)

Tin shells have indents to provide grounding and additional retention.

Screw machine contacts offer high reliability. Non-removable contacts.

Optional mounting hardware available.

 Materials of Antenk  Solder Cup Standard D-Sub Connector Machined contacts

Shell: Steel, tin plated

Insulator: Glass-filled thermoplastic. U.L. rated 94V-O

(260°C process temp)

Machined contacts:

Male pins - Brass | Female pins - Brass

Plating: Gold flash on entire contact

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Solder cup d-subs in 4 industry sizes/positions

High Density (15 pin, 26 pin, 44 pin, 62 pin).

Approximately 65% more higher density then standard d-sub connectors.

Screw machined contacts offer high reliability.

Metal Shell provides EMI/RFI shielding. Available in 3 clinch-nut options.

Plug shells have indents to provide grounding & additional retention.

Connectors will fit in standard D-sub backshells.

Contacts will accept (28 - 24) gauge wire.

Materials of Solder Cup High Density D-Sub Machined Contacts

Shell: Steel, Nickel plated

Insulator: Glass-filled, PBT Thermoplastic. U.L. rated 94V-O

(230°C process temp)

Machined contacts: Brass, Gold Flash Plated(contact us for other plating options)

Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors

9 pin, 15 pin, 25 pin, 37 pin, 50 pin Male Solder Cup Standard D-Sub Connectors Machined Contacts, Solder Cup High Density D-Sub Machined Contacts,Female Solder Cup Standard D-Sub Connectors Machined Contacts

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