Three considerations for purchasing lamps

Modern urban life is busy and tense, and a warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can you make your home warm and comfortable? With a little skill, you can easily create a pleasant home. Life Home Xiaobian has prepared a series of fashion information from house decoration to home decoration to help you have a relaxed and comfortable life.

The lighting is the most attractive flirt in the room. Different styles, colors, materials and sizes can create different light and shadow effects for different living rooms, showing different room expressions. Now, in the face of the numerous lamps and lanterns on the market, do you feel dazzled? In fact, when purchasing lamps, you should mainly consider the following three aspects: First, you should choose the style of the lamps according to your actual needs and personal preferences. For example, if you pay attention to the practicality of the lamp, you should choose a black or dark red ceiling-mounted ceiling lamp or floor lamp. If you pay attention to the decoration and pursue the modern style, you can choose the lively lighting. If you are a fan that loves national characteristics, you can choose a sculpture floor lamp.

Second, the color of the luminaire should be in harmony with the home's environmental decoration style. The layout of the room lighting must take into account the style of the interior furniture, the color of the wall, and the color of the household appliances. Otherwise, the lighting and the overall color of the living room are inconsistent, but it will be self-defeating. For example, if the color of the interior wallpaper is light, you should use a warm-colored incandescent lamp as the light source to create a bright and soft light environment.

Finally, the size of the luminaire should be configured in combination with the size of the room, the amount of furniture and the corresponding size. For small living rooms of less than 12 square meters, ceiling lamps or wall lamps with a diameter of 200 mm or less should be used. The number and size of the lamps should be suitable to avoid overcrowding. In the living room of about 15 square meters, ceiling lamps with a diameter of about 300 mm or multi-forked chandeliers should be used. The diameter of the lamps should not exceed 400 mm. It is better to put on spotlights or wall lamps on both sides of the murals.

Editor: China Lighting Network Feng Yaoyuan

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