Jiayuan Community Street Light Bidding Procurement Announcement

Tender No.: YLCZJ20091098
Tendering Agent: Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. Owner: Unlisted Application Deadline: 2009-11-09
Region: Guangxi Industry: Electrical and Electronic Appliances

Entrusted by the purchaser, Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. intends to conduct domestic competitive negotiation and procurement of a number of street lamps in Jiayuan Community of Chongzuo City. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
First, the bidder qualification:
Domestic registration (refers to the requirements of the relevant national regulations), production or operation of this purchase of goods, with urban and road lighting engineering professional contracting level 3 or above (including three levels) qualifications, and qualified by legal person suppliers.
Second, the name and content of the bidding project:
Project Name: Chongzuo Jiayuan Community Street Lamp Purchasing Project No.: YLCZJ20091098
Bidding content: cable (YJV-4*10) 3568 meters, 183 sets of garden lights. For details, please refer to the competitive negotiation procurement conditions.
Third, the deadline for bidding: 9:30 am on November 9, 2009, the closing point: Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. Chongzuo Branch (126 Jiangnan Road, Taiping Town, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City).
V. Time and place for purchasing competitive negotiation procurement conditions:
Time: From now until November 8, 2009, every day from 8:00 to 12:00, and from 2:30 to 5:30 (on holidays and weekends, not working)
Venue: Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. Chongzuo Branch (No. 126 Jiangnan Road, Taiping Town, Jiangzhou District, Chongzuo City)
Competitive negotiation purchase price book price: 250 yuan per copy, if you need to post plus 50 yuan postage, the tender will not be refunded after the sale.
Purchase purchase document contact number, 7835598
Fax, 7836658.
6. The bank and account of the mail purchase competitive negotiation purchase conditions:
Account Name: Guangxi Yunlong Tendering Co., Ltd. Chongzuo Branch Bank: Agricultural Bank of China Chongzuo Branch Office Bank Account Number 7. Bidding Consultation:
Project Contact: Liang Liyu, Huang Dongni Telephone, 7835598
Fax, 7836658

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