Electromechanical enterprises should actively pay attention to the progress of EU EuP directive

According to the provisions of the EuP Directive, the European Commission has listed a list of 57 product groups implemented by the EuP Directive from 2008 to 2010. Among them, 19 types of products are developing measures for implementing EuP. Among the 19 categories of products, the six products with the fastest implementation measures are: personal computers and computer monitors, televisions, standby and shutdown energy consumption of energy-using products, battery chargers and external power supplies. In addition, the European Commission will adopt implementation measures for Category 5 products in 2008. They are: office lighting, street lighting, standby and shutdown energy, external power, simple set-top boxes.
Introduce product eco-design concepts and lifecycle management systems
The core of the EuP Directive is to promote the ecological design concept of energy-using products. Electromechanical products manufacturers should introduce environmental design procedures and life cycle management systems, and gradually establish "ecological archives" of products, such as raw material databases, component input and output databases, and gradual adjustment of management systems, etc., to change the previous single target design. Comprehensive consideration of safety, environmental protection, low energy consumption, high performance and other factors for multi-objective optimization design. The product life cycle management system integrates the existing environmental protection and safety and health management system, and guides product development and design with the principle of minimizing environmental impact during the product life cycle to reduce waste and inefficiency in all aspects of the product life cycle. , constantly promote product design innovation.
Pay attention to the latest development of the directives, strengthen the technology, and shut down the power products. The export enterprises should closely follow the research progress of the implementation measures of the EU EuP Directive, and specifically study the specific content of the implementation measures of the EU EuP Directive. Further increase the intensity of technical research and improve the ability of enterprises to cope. For the current EuP products that have no implementation method, it is recommended to refer to the requirements of relevant environmental standards in EU countries, Japan and the United States, because these standards may become environmental design specifications for implementation measures.
On the other hand, mechanical and electrical products export enterprises should carry out technical "filling shortages" in accordance with the actual conditions of their own products, effectively improve product quality, especially environmental performance, establish a scientific quality management system, and ensure good raw material, production safety and export inspection. To ensure that products meet the requirements of EU safety, health, environmental protection and energy conservation.
Strive to participate in the EU EuP implementation measures to develop large-scale enterprises, can cooperate with the EU's stronger partners, put forward their own opinions and suggestions to the relevant parties of the EU EuP directive implementation measures, and actively participate in the development process of EuP implementation measures, The implementation of the Eé„„uP directive can adopt the design method of the electromechanical enterprise, so that enterprises can quickly enter the interests of the EU international companies such as Siemens, Schneider, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, Sharp, Dell, etc., which have become the implementation measures. square. If China's industrial sector can actively participate in the formulation of green norms, it will certainly strive for favorable conditions for China's industrial development.

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