Liu Xiang master and apprentice to the bird's nest: the light is too strong (Figure)

After the start of the Good Luck Beijing Track and Field Test Tournament, the National Stadium was fully utilized for the first time. All facilities, including the runway and grassland throwing area, received a comprehensive practical test. Most athletes use the rhetoric of the perfect and best stadium to describe the bird's nest. However, in a large number of enthusiastic praises, there are different voices, especially the evaluation from Liu Xiang's coach Sun Haiping. After Liu Xiang completed the men's 110 meter hurdles final on the 24th and easily won the championship with 13 seconds 18, Sun Coach proposed the valuable opinions of the mentor and the two.

Liu Xiang took the lead

The hurdles are black and white, and the lights in the venue are strong, and the white parts will have reflections, which may have an impact on the visual.

There is nothing wrong with the hardware of the venue. The only thing is that of course, this is not a big problem. The light in the venue is too strong and looks a bit dazzling. From the first day, coach Sun Haiping stood in the stands in front of the fifth to sixth columns for three consecutive days. After watching Liu Xiang’s three-gun competition and made a video. From the naked eye, the strong light is overdone, and the situation reflected in the video is even more powerful.

Because hurdles and running are not the same, runners don't have to look at too much on the runway, just ran in one go, but there is still a visual problem in the hurdles. Sun Haiping explained that athletes will unconsciously visually measure the distance between themselves and the hurdle if they pass a hurdle, but the hurdles are black and white, with white parts on them. The light in the field is strong and the white part will have reflection. It may have a little visual impact and look dazzling. After the first round of the preliminaries, Liu Xiang returned to stay at the hotel and also reflected this problem with Master. Liu Xiang also told me that if the light can be adjusted slightly, it will be perfect if it is dark.

However, Sun Haiping also said that even if the lights can not be changed, it will not have much impact on Liu Xiang. We don't want to put the training to the night in order to adapt to the lights. It is not practical to open a strong light to train. Coach Sun smiled and said that we have been training during the day, but during the Athens Olympics, including the major European competitions at night, we have no problem, of course, the Beijing Olympics will not be a problem.

When the referee starts to issue orders, I hope that three words can be played on the big screen: please be quiet!

In this good luck Beijing track and field test, Liu Xiang had a problem of running in the semi-finals and finals. Coach Sun Haiping believes that, in principle, the referee must shoot according to whether all the athletes in front of the starting line have stabilized. Whether the athletes can be highly concentrated and stabilize their body may be affected by the audience.

The audience is very enthusiastic and this is very good. Coach Sun first affirmed, but when the athletes have already prepared for the action, the referee starts to issue orders, I hope that three words can be played on the big screen. Sun Haiping mysteriously smiled, please be quiet! He said: In the international arena of Europe and the United States, there will be such subtitles on the big screen before the game, sometimes the live host reminds the audience to be quiet. If we can think of this detail, we can even just ask the host to say a word to the audience, so that the audience will be quiet and the effect will be very good. Sun Haiping believes that the surrounding environment is quiet, athletes are more likely to concentrate on listening to the guns, and after the gunshots, the audience immediately cheered and cheered, which is equivalent to helping the athletes start. The energy that erupts in this situation is absolutely unacceptable!

Our audience is only organized into a cheerleader to shout a few slogans, the effect is partial.

For the audience, Liu Xiang has a small request. Sun Haiping said: There are so many audiences in the Good Luck Beijing Test Tournament. I believe that the Olympics will be more enthusiastic. There are even many foreign audiences watching the game. Everyone's cheers are a great incentive for the athletes.

However, in this test match, Sun Haiping also found that our audience was only organized into a cheerleader, or a square slogan. This effect is partial. He said that like many foreign competitions, the audience will create some waves before the athletes enter the stadium, and it is very interesting to cooperate with the audience. It can be compared that foreign track and field fans are more professional. The waves of people can regulate the atmosphere, and we still lack this.

According to Sun Haiping, these people are actually organized by people, and some people in the audience will take the lead in shouting slogans. No one takes the lead and everyone does not shout. When someone takes it, they will be brought up immediately. This shouted, the atmosphere was immediately active, and the audience was playing, like a big party. If we have the heart to organize people to bring people out in the future, the atmosphere will definitely be even more different. The so-called no best is better, there should be more careful, such as Liu Xiang mentoring people can pick out the thorns for the nest. Since it is a test match, the more you find it, the more perfect the Beijing Olympics will be in three months.

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