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What is the current status of China's LED lighting market? What is the technological gap between LED lighting companies and foreign LED lighting companies? What are the new technologies and trends in LED industry? Where are the lighting application engineering requirements and opportunities for LED products? The focus of lighting manufacturing companies and designers.

In response to the limelight LED lighting market and the industry's high attention, Aladdin Lighting Network held the 2008 LED Lighting (China) market status and application trend seminar in Shenzhen on May 23, 2008, bringing together experts and companies in the field of LED lighting. More than 200 designers have explored the current status and prospects of LED lighting in the Chinese market.

The seminar was hosted by Aladdin Lighting Network, a lighting industry website of Guangya Exhibition, co-organized by Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee, Shenzhen Lighting Society and Shenzhen Lighting Industry Association. The forum invited Professor Liu Muqing, director of the Institute of Electric Light Sources of Fudan University, Pang Yunfan, Secretary General of Shenzhen Lighting Society and Shenzhen Lighting Industry Association, and Yuan Zongnan, Design Director of Taiwan Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Office, on the application status and new technological achievements of LED lighting market. In the future, we will discuss five aspects of application trends, application case analysis and enterprise development trends.

Yuan Zongnan, Design Director of Taiwan Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Office, delivered a speech by Yuan Zongnan:
Taiwan Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Office Design Director, Institute of Interior Design, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University Lighting and Display Design Lecturer Member of International Lighting Designers Association Dr. Architectural Lighting, Tsinghua University, Beijing
[Yuan Zongnan performance brief]

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At 15:05, Yuan Zongnan, design director of Taiwan Yuan Zongnan Lighting Design Office, gave a speech on "Economics Aesthetics and LED Lighting". Yuan Zongnan believes that lighting needs to be managed, lighting is coming out of nature, and lighting design is not made by one person. It needs to be combined with interior landscape designers to perfectly combine aesthetics and commercialization. It is a lighting designer should pay attention to. problem.
In addition, during the speech, Yuan Zongnan demonstrated the aesthetics of lighting with detailed explanations of several cases: Once upon a time, the house was as luxurious as the restaurant. Does the lighting need to attract people or attract insects? It won the audience with interesting language and novel ideas. Laughter and thumbs up. At the end of the speech, he believed that the wavelength of the LED was fixed, which is a big advantage. The key to LED efficiency is the application of outdoor LEDs. Currently we need led testing and product standards.

The LED lighting seminar site, in addition to the Shenzhen Lighting Society, the relevant leaders of the Shenzhen Lighting Industry Association, Fudan University electric light source research experts, more than 100 lighting designers, as well as from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Other places Enterprises, multi-party gathering, free communication, Aladdin Lighting Network for designers and enterprises to build a communication platform has once again been expressed. Aladdin Lighting Network will pay more attention to the construction of communication platform in the subsequent activities, in order to better serve the lighting industry.

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