Zhuzhou Lighting Design Project passed the expert review

On the morning of May 6, the Lighting Design Review Meeting was held in the West Conference Room on the second floor of Zhuzhou Municipal Government. Professor of Architecture School of Tsinghua University, Zhan Qingxuan, Consultant of China Lighting Society, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning College of Tongji University, Hao Luoxi, Executive Director of China Lighting Society, and other expert experts from Beijing, China, Beijing Longan Huacheng Architectural Design Co., Ltd. The urban lighting design plan produced by Beijing Guangzhiheng International Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. was reviewed.

Experts attending the conference believed that Zhuzhou Lianghua's design plan was clear, focused, and technically feasible, and it was in line with Zhuzhou's reality. The design was adopted in principle. At the same time, it is recommended that the design unit combine the opinions put forward by the experts and leaders at the review meeting to further improve and deepen the design plan and strive to organize the implementation as soon as possible.

Deputy Secretary of Zhuzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Wang Qun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Xia Wenxing, and Vice Mayor Li Yijian attended the review meeting. Wang Qun pointed out at the meeting that the lighting project must always reflect the people-oriented work concept. First of all, it is necessary to solve the problem of lighting in small streets and lanes, to facilitate the masses to travel, not to let the people go out and touch the black, but also to pay attention to not cause light pollution and affect the production and life of the people. In the process of lighting, we must highlight the four elements of Zhuzhou city mountain, water, bridge and city. The overall color should reflect the beauty and fashion, in line with the requirements of urban color planning evening Dan Yun, lighting should be appropriate, let the city night level Distinct, elegant style, harmonious and warm.

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