Lowest Power Silicon Verification Hi-Fi Audio Playback IP (MIPS)

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MIPS Technologies Inc. announced that its Hi-Fi audio codec IP platform for Hi-Fi audio playback has achieved the world's lowest power consumption while achieving excellent performance in the 100dB dynamic range. The new CI7824sm audio codec sets a new standard for Hi-Fi's lowest power performance. The IP has undergone silicon verification in a variety of processes and foundries, including the TSMC 90nm process, and has been successfully verified by Fujitsu's 90nm process silicon.

The new audio codec IP delivers an impressive 100dB dynamic range and -93dB THD, which consumes only 7.8mW of power through stereo line output at 48kHz. Lowering the supply voltage to 2.5V saves another 5.5mW of power while maintaining performance at 97.5dB dynamic range and -90dB THD. This is the lowest power consumption that currently achieves a performance rating above -96dB. The product also features the widest range of audio features, including phantom grounding, microphone biasing, built-in audio phase-locked loop (PLL) clock generation, and dual speakers – requiring the highest Hi-Fi audio performance for the smallest area and cost. best choice.

MIPS' Hi-Fi Audio IP is the world's first deep sub-micro silicon proven true -96dB Hi-Fi quality, ultra-low power and minimal audio IP, helping SoC developers significantly reduce risk and cost And shorten the time to market. The IP platform maximizes the battery life of next-generation consumer electronics devices with audio capabilities, including CDs, mini-disks, multi-format and DVD players and recorders, PMPs, PDAs and GPS handhelds. And a portable phone and a smartphone. MIPS Technologies' audio solutions are the most complete and high-performance portable, easy-to-integrate audio IP core family on the market, and have been used in a variety of process technologies across major foundries.


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