German instrument company's fiscal year performance increased by 112%

[Intelligent LED News] German Precision Instrument Manufacturing Company (Instrument Systems GmbH) announced that from June 2010 to June 2011, the company's fiscal year sales increased from 10.3 million euros in the fiscal year from June 2009 to June 2010. To 21.9 million euros, the growth rate is as high as 112%.

German precision instruments said that 82% of its sales come from foreign markets. Among them, the company continues to strengthen its market leadership in LED testing. In addition, the company has signed important sales contracts with well-known manufacturers of personal computers and consumer electronics. It is the key to performance growth.

Richard Distl, founder and president of the company, stressed that the growing use of the LED industry, display measurement and general lighting is the main driver of the company's significant growth. And look forward to continue to maintain strong growth, and promise to provide customers with products and services as always.

The German precision instrument manufacturing company offers a comprehensive range of optical measurement products for industrial and technical research, including high performance array and scanning spectrometers as well as imaging photometers and colorimeters. These devices are mainly used for the measurement of LEDs and their displays, as well as for spectroradiometric and photometric measurements.

The company is also one of the leading manufacturers of spectral optical measurement systems. Its innovative test system at its Munich plant measures all optical parameters, provides accurate and reliable test data, and meets the recommendations of the International Commission on Illumination and Lighting (CIE).

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