Taigu strives to convene the first board of directors to re-elect the board of directors on August 4th

[High-tech LED News] Taiwan's LED packaging leader Yiguang (2393) won four seats at the Taigu Interim Shareholders' Meeting on July 29, surpassing Taigu (3339)'s three seats and successfully won the management rights.

It is reported that Fuhong Investment, supported by Taigu Company, was given the power to convene the first board of directors, so that the board of directors scheduled to be held in the afternoon of the same day was forced to postpone. Taiwanese Taigu spokesperson Shi Suzhen recently confirmed that Taigu will be 8 On the 4th of the month, the board of directors was convened to re-elect the board of directors. The industry believes that Ye Haofu’s appointment as the director of Taigu should not change.

For Yiguang, it has been stated that the future management will be managed by professional managers. Shi Suzhen said that he still does not know the list of Yiguang’s recommendations, but he agrees with Yiguang’s idea.

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