Home decoration has three lights

When the night falls, dragging you tired, when you see the lights shining, it will inevitably produce a "home-turning" feeling. It is because the lighting, in addition to the role of lighting, can give people a warm feeling in the psychological, just like the family that cares for you, so the warm home is always inseparable from the harmonious lighting... However, you know? The right lighting layout, in the Kanshang school, has the effect of improving the home furrow and reducing the bad gas field brought by the dark areas in the home. The selection of home lighting styles, the deployment of luminosity, the selection of quantity, the smashing of lighting, etc. Tell everyone how to use the "eyes" of the school to choose and arrange home lighting.
The style is the best in the round. In the world of colorful lighting, chandeliers made of yellow and white crystals are very common. The legendary citrine has good fortune and is good for thinking, while white crystal is called "official". "Stone" is said to be beneficial to the role of the official career and the friendship between friends and relatives. Under the illuminating light, the magnetic field effect must be strengthened.
The most commonly used ceiling-mounted circular chandeliers in the home are basically in line with the ancient theory of "the place of heaven and earth". The meaning is high and the house is stable, and it will definitely not form a "corner" or cause a "pressure-topping" type of psychological depression.
The candlestick-shaped chandelier is called the "main mourning" in Kansei, especially the white candlelight. Because it is similar to the white candle used in traditional funeral rituals, it is easy to bring psychological shadows to the elders at home, thus affecting health.
The drooping chandelier reduces the visual space of the flowering board and the ground, so if it is placed on the seat, it will cause heavy psychological depression for the seater, and if the hem has sharp corners, it is even worse.
Because the lighting is an embellishment function, if the house is not big, but the choice of giant lighting, in addition to the principle of space arrangement, there is a "long and young disorder" in the Kansui, that is, at home, the child is polite, not filial The rations should be clearly defined.
The first principle of the illuminance of home lighting is "clear and clear", such as the study and kitchen light should be sufficient, the bedroom lighting should be soft, especially pay attention to the light can not be directly to the bed, because it will make it difficult to sleep; the second is generally It is not advisable to choose a red light and a neon light with a large flashing light to make it easy to create a feeling of irritability.

The number of lighting should be singular
The total number is generally singular, if the lamps that are illuminating side by side should avoid the formation of "three fragrant" situation.
Lighting's "cracking" effect
A dark, damp long corridor should be used to reduce the bad magnetic field. Place a bright luminaire at the "corner" of the home to receive the "filling angle" effect. If there is no way for the home beam to be covered by the decoration, wall lights can be installed at the lower ends of the beam, and the upward illumination can reduce the psychological pressure brought by the beam.

Indispensable three lights
Changming Lantern - Everyone falls asleep at night, and the long-lighting lamp is convenient for night returning and lighting for nighttime toilets. It also supplements the energy that is reduced in the home due to the decrease in activity.
Mingtang lamp - "Mingtang" affects the feng shui of the house, and the front area of ​​each unit in the building is the "Xiaomingtang" of the house, and the bright indicator light should be placed here and in the public area of ​​the stairs.
Financial position light - 45 degrees diagonally into the door is the image of the financial position, with the light to illuminate the whole family "money" way bright.

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