UMC plans to issue 2.15 billion yuan of corporate bonds for the first time in nearly 7 years

March 18 news, according to Taiwan media reports, the epitaxial film foundry UMC dividend policy released, each share will be issued a NT$0.5 cash dividend; in response to the substantial expansion of funding needs, UMC's board of directors resolved to handle NT$10 billion (contract 21.504 100 million yuan) corporate bonds, this is the first time in the past seven years that UMC has issued corporate bonds.

In addition, since UMC's new investment company has successively invested in solar cells and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and other businesses, there is not much money left. Therefore, UMC decided to increase the investment of new investment companies by NT$1.5 billion. UMC said that it will invest in new ventures in the future. Solar and LED will continue to be the main axis.

UMC successfully turned profitable last year, net profit after tax was NT$3.874 billion, and net profit per share was NT$0.31. The board of directors of UMC decided to make a reserve surplus and distribute dividends. Each share will be distributed with a cash dividend of NT$0.50 per share.

Based on the current low interest rate level and the current industry prospects, UMC will expand significantly. Therefore, it decided to handle NT$10 billion in corporate bonds. This is the first time that UMC has issued corporate bonds in the past seven years.

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