OEM orders surged, Jiuyuan LED provocation capacity was full

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The penetration rate of LED TV has surged. It is estimated that the demand for LED TV will grow several times this year, which will make Jiuyuan's OEM orders for Jingdian and Osram full. Recently, Jiuyuan Electronics (6261) has received orders from two Japanese customers. At present, LEDs are picking up orders.

As Jiuyuan's orders for Jingdian and OSRAM's foundry surged, and LEDs provoked orders, the company's long-term performance is expected to grow substantially from March, and annual revenue is expected to grow 40% from 2009. From Q2, the company will also add two more Japanese customers. With the increase in OEM orders, Jiuyuan LED provocative capacity is full.

In response to the demand for orders, Jiuyuan also actively expanded production. It is expected that the LED provocation capacity will be expanded by 60%, and the production capacity in March is expected to reach 2.4 billion. Jiuyuan will also evaluate the expansion of new capacity in April, and does not rule out the second phase of expansion.

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