Where will LED technology go?

At the 5th LED Industry Theme Summit Forum in China, Chen Daqing, director of the Tianjin Cityscape and Garden Management Committee, believes that promoting the improvement of light efficiency is the key to technological development. The light effect of LED light source is the starting point and driving force of LED industry development, which directly affects the energy saving rate, and also affects the government's determination, and affects the investor's recycling cycle and operating profit. He shouted, "As anyone in the LED industry, you must be aware of: light efficiency, light efficiency, light efficiency."
Professor Fang Zhilie from Fudan University told the audience to optimize the existing structure, optimize the materials, optimize the process, and then optimize the combination to achieve 161lm/W, and the 2mm2 chip 350mA reaches 208lm/W. The commercialization problem is not big, but the efficiency is no longer Improvement requires new technological breakthroughs.
Professor Fang pointed out that the current development trend of power LED package structure is size miniaturization, optical lens casting, thermoelectric path separation, thermal resistance minimization, planar patching, maximum junction temperature tolerance, and maximum luminous flux.
Professor Fang quoted the statement of the Journal of the American Physical Society as saying, "In principle, the LED is the final form of the lamp, and its development can and will continue until all power and color are achieved."
Dr. Wang Wei from the Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R&D Center of Tianjin Polytechnic University is optimistic about the future of intelligent lighting control technology. The intelligent lighting control system has the advantages of automatic and intelligent lighting through software technology without changing the hardware and wiring. At the same time, it can better ensure the uniformity of the lighting effect and prolong the service life of the lamp.
However, Wang Wei also believes that manual control also has certain advantages. "The contradiction between the certainty of lighting design and the variability of lighting demand can be solved by manual control. The manual control device is simple, reliable and flexible. It plays a role in energy saving. Manual control has a unique advantage in private space." In the development process, in order to meet the needs of more consumers, there will be more problems. The LED industry in the future can only be more intelligent and more independent.

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