How to use the box learning remote control?

Smart TV boxes are already well-known, many families have already purchased, and watching TV requires two remote controls, a remote control TV, and a remote set-top box. Feeling very troublesome is that after adding the set-top box, the TV's remote control is mainly used for TV switch and volume control and other functions. If the basic functions of these TVs are transferred to the set-top box's remote control, it would be okay. Today teach you how to use the learning remote control, take a look.

The learning remote controller adapts to this requirement, and these function keys are added in the upper right corner of the learning remote controller. You only need to use a learning remote control. The TV's remote control can be used as a backup. This puts a remote control on the table to control the TV and the set-top box.

Long press learning remote control to learn health until the light is always on.

When the indicator light is on, the light will flash when you press the button.

Then press the volume and then press the volume of the TV remote control to reduce the health until the TV box remote indicator does not flash.

And so on, the volume on the remote control of the TV box enhances the volume of the TV remote control, and the source of the TV learning signal is healthy.

The learning key of the smart TV remote control learning learning TV remote control, after learning the smart TV box remote control shutdown button can be.

Try the effect of the remote control, is not very sensitive, smart TV box remote control and TV remote control unite.

Note that when the smart TV box and the TV remote control are using learning and learning, the two remote controllers may be closer, and the indicators of the two remote controllers must be aligned. If learning is unsuccessful with learning, try more times until you can succeed.

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