Liyang shares officially applied for the new three board listing "flip-up" road to fully sail

Recently, the listing information disclosed by the National Stock Transfer System shows that Shenzhen Liyang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. officially applied for the listing of the New Third Board.

According to the information of the New Third Board, the main business of Liyang Co., Ltd. is the R&D, production and sales of LED packaging devices and LED lighting products. The main products of Liyang are SMD light source, COB light source, integrated light source, three types of LED packaging devices and outdoor lighting products.

According to the announcement, the operating income of Liyang Co., Ltd. in 2014 and 2015 was 62.937 million yuan and 101 million yuan respectively; the net profit was 5,591,900 yuan and 3,121,300 yuan respectively.

Liyang Co., Ltd. was established on December 8, 2008. Chairman Qu Junyi and his wife Qin Shengyu accounted for 97.20% of the shares through direct and inter-joining, which is a common practical controller.

“In 2016, our target is to achieve the overall operating income target of 260 million yuan. At the same time, we will fully implement the flip-chip route to achieve full coverage of the product line.” Ms. Qin Shengyu, executive vice president of Liyang Co., said .

It is understood that the flip-chip COB series and EMC series that Liyang Co., Ltd. made all efforts this year have realized a comprehensive replacement of the traditional light source market such as imitation Lumen in some fields. Moreover, the current inverted light source of Liyang has been significantly superior to the equivalent performance of the product in terms of product cost performance. High thermal conductivity, ceramic plate, luminous efficiency of more than 150lm/w, and high current resistance are the outstanding features of Liyang's flip-chip products. .

It is understood that the electrode of the traditional high-power device chip is located on the light-emitting surface, and the gold wire of the bond is located above the light-emitting surface, which blocks the light output of the chip and reduces the luminous efficacy of the LED. The flip-chip electrode of the flip-chip product of Liyang Co., Ltd. is located at the bottom of the chip, does not affect the surface light, and adopts the gold-free wire package, which can directly avoid the absorption of light by the gold wire, and the light-emitting efficiency is higher.

For example, the flip-chip COB series is a super-thermal ALC aluminum substrate as a substrate and is equipped with a flip chip. This is a major change to the traditional COB structure, which greatly reduces the thermal resistance of the product, and the light source has better thermal conductivity and higher light output. Optimize the heat dissipation structure of the lamp to save the cost of the lamp for the customer.

At the same time, the inverted EMC series adopts imported EMC brackets and introduces a world-class fully automated production line, which realizes the advantages of high production efficiency, low device cost, high reliability, long service life and easy application.

In 2016, the production line of Liyang has been expanded to 50, and all of them are equipped with automation equipment. At present, the production capacity of one production line can be matched to the level of the past three production lines, and the automation process is fully laid. In the implementation of the road to the flip-flops.

Nowadays, the flip-chip products of Liyang has been widely used in the fields of automobile lighting and outdoor lighting. The prospects are promising. It will soon be used to replace traditional LED light source products for aeronautical communication, commercial and civil lighting, urban lighting projects, road lighting. And many other fields.

"From the choice of early chip technology, to the initial project in July last year, the full-scale laying of the flip-chip product line is completed this year. In short, Liyang has always insisted on becoming the pioneer of flip-chip light source, and hopes that through our efforts, LED The green environmental protection industry has brought more products with leading technology and superior quality.” Qin Shengyu finally mentioned.

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