Tencent video / cloud audio and visual penguin how to watch the millet TV

Currently, for Xiaomi TV, its own video resources are already quite rich, and it almost covers the content of iQIYI, Youku and other mainstream video websites. However, it does not include the content of Tencent video, then how to use Tencent TV to watch Tencent video? In fact, it is also very simple, today I will teach you how to operate.

In fact, in order to meet the content of smart TV users can receive Tencent video, Tencent and Southern Media have launched a smart TV application called "Cloud Audio and Penguin." Therefore, we only need to install this "Cloud Audio and Video Penguin" for Xiaomi TV, and we will be able to see the contents of Tencent's video through Xiaomi TV.

“Cloud Audio and Penguin” Download Address: Direct Links

How to install third-party applications for Xiaomi TV? First of all, we need to prepare a U disk, and then download the Cloud Audio/Pink Penguin APP to the U disk through the download address of “Cloud Audio/Penguin” provided by the author. Then insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the millet TV.

At this time, we can click on the HD player option in the Xiaomi TV interface to see the U drive letter you just inserted. Click to find the just downloaded Cloud Audio/Penguin APP and click Install.

If you can't find the Cloud Audio/Visual Penguin App in your USB flash drive, then we need to exit the interface and then enter the settings of the Xiaomi TV. Select the "Account and Security" option, and then adjust the "Install unknown source applications" from the reject status to the allowed status. At this time, we can repeat the above operation to complete the installation of “Cloud Audio and Penguin”. In this way, you can enjoy Tencent video content through millet TV! Millet users who are interested in Tencent video rush to try it!

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