Millet small box does not have AV interface how to do? How to enter the system recovery mode?

Question one

Millet small box known as the world's smallest network set-top box, in order to better concentrate the volume of small boxes of millet, millet technicians only set up an HDMI interface for it. However, some of the old TV consumer made a difficult!

The old TV has only AV interface, no HDMI interface, just the opposite of the setting of the Xiaomi small box. So how does Xiaomi’s small box connect to old TV? Today Xiaobian teaches everyone a trick!


1. It is easy to get a hdmi to av HD converter online.

2. Use an HDMI cable to connect the converter to the Xiaomi box. The AV cable connects the converter to the old TV.

Connection diagram

Question two

Users of many small boxes of millet report that the Xiaomi box cannot enter the recover mode. Because it is a Bluetooth remote control, according to the previous method does not work at all, today Xiaobian will teach you how to enter the system recovery mode small box!



1. Disconnect the power of the millet box.

2. Press and hold the OK key + Back key on the Bluetooth remote control. (Millet box, new millet box, and millet box enhanced version are "Home key" + "Menu key")

3. Plug in the small box power supply. After waiting for the millet icon to appear, the Recovery mode menu appears.

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