ASUS robots will launch a loyal partner for the elderly that everyone can afford next month.

Asustek announced at a press conference on Wednesday that the Chinese version of the Zenbo intelligent robot will be pre-sold in Taiwan on January 1, 2017.

Zenbo is the first intelligent robot of Asus, whose function is mainly to provide assistive, entertainment and companionship functions in the home.

ASUS robots will start selling next month's loyal partners that everyone can afford

Zenbo can protect the health of the elderly. It keeps track of the activities of older users in the family and immediately informs other family members in the event of an accident, such as a fall.

ASUS robots will start selling next month's loyal partners that everyone can afford

At the same time, Zenbo can also be a child-oriented educational device that teaches knowledge by telling stories and playing games.

When there is no one at home, Zenbo can also be a remote-controlled security camera, allowing users to view their homes anytime, anywhere.

At the press conference, ASUS Chairman Shi Chongtang said that developers and partners from many different industries, including education, transportation, e-commerce, entertainment and housekeeping, have reached a partnership with ASUS and will pass the application and features. The function further expands and enriches the experience of Zenbo.

ASUS robots will start selling next month's loyal partners that everyone can afford

For example, the Taiwan Police Department and ASUS jointly developed a special Zenbo application that allows users to get in touch with local police in the event of an emergency and use Zenbo's built-in video calling feature to talk to the police.

It is reported that ASUS Zenbo is divided into 32GB and 128GB versions, the price is 19900/24900 NT$ (about RMB 4320/5406).

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