Fang Xingdong focuses on the Internet 20-year-old bird and judges the four major mistakes of Xiaomi Leijun

At the beginning of 2016, it was just a formal 20 years since I officially entered the Internet field. The greatest fortune in this life is to invest in the early days of the Internet, witness and experience the whole process. At present, China's Internet has undoubtedly entered a new renewal cycle, so in the next column, I intend to write more about Lei Jun, Liu Qiangdong, Jia Yueting and Yu Chengdong who I think will likely stand out in the next wave.

To better understand Lei Jun and Xiaomi, you must return to the past experience of Lei Jun. Twenty years ago, I just met him when I first entered the business. The two of them were the same age, and they had nothing to say for the first few years. Soon, I devoted myself to and paid attention to the Internet field, and my attention to the traditional software and hardware industries has gradually faded. In 1999, the establishment of the Internet Lab was a cold-blooded approach to the traditional IT industry. In fact, it also decided that I was drifting away from the Lei Army who was in Jinshan. Even after I founded the blog China in 2002, I wrote a comment, calling Jinshan "the first IT bear in China's IT industry" and criticizing Jinshan for not focusing on core products such as WPS. Too distracted, or not focused, was the first reason why I was not optimistic about Lei Jun.

Fang Xingdong: The Big Four Mistakes Made by Xiaomi Leijun

Of course, the most important reason for the alienation between me and Lei Jun is that I am honest with a bit of sinister commentary. In 1998, I wrote an article seriously, published in the "China Computer News", but the title of this article is "Lei Jun planted flowers". Under the slogan, Lei Jun is not a flower, but only a flower planter. It is the green leaf that sets off the flowers. Because, at that time, in our minds, Qiu Bojun is the undisputed first hero of Jinshan and even China's software industry, especially in the eyes of my "challenge to Microsoft" flag-bearer. It is undoubtedly the most ideal for the mismatch between Qiu Jun and Lei Jun.

Recently, I learned from the dictation of the veteran Jinshan that my evaluation evolved into another version, which made Lei Jun injured. Say my comment is: "Lei Jun touched the net, not in the net." Although, I can't remember the time and occasion of saying this sentence, but I can honestly recognize it. Because, later, Lei Jun quickly began to do excellence, rushing in e-commerce, but I have never given too high a rating. At that time, I was a loyal user of Amazon. The focus on the excellence of buying and selling products is comparable to that of Amazon, which I browse every day. There is really no bright spot. "Lei Jun touched the net, not in the net" and "Lei Jun planted flowers, not flowers" belonged to the same work, which truly represented my point of view at that time.

Beyond Qiu Bojun, surpassing Yang Yuanqing, and even surpassing Liu Chuanzhi, now think about the pursuit of Lei Jun in the past, he is a bit of a bird to see Hongjun, watching the low Lei Jun. Over the years, we have been paying attention to each other, eating a meal every other year, or sitting in his office, very polite, but never returned to the original intimacy.

Lei Jun and Zhou Hongyi, two Hubei people who love each other, actually have huge differences. However, the biggest common denominator is that they are extremely eager to be concerned and recognized. Xiaomi has a very interesting idea, that is, in addition to "products are media," every employee is media. Lei Jun is undoubtedly the first media of Xiaomi. Zhou Hongyi certainly does not consciously practice this idea. So, if they both make headlines, you don't have to be shocked, it's just to publish a new issue for themselves. Of course, the internal motivations that the two are eager to be concerned are not the same. Zhou Hongyi’s desire is because of a serious lack of security. Just like a child who can't get his father's approval, he must seek good performances to avoid and exempt his father's next beating. In the over-excessive self-reaction and stimulation, relieve and release the inner worry and find a new short-term balance point. Lei Jun is a typical "eldest son mentality". Through his outstanding performance and progress, he hopes to maintain the image of exemplary and role-level, and his father will be appreciated next time. Both have the same color of Sisyphus, but it is always the image of a bad boy who has been paying attention through naughty and tricky, and the image of an eldest son who is always a good-natured, cautious and cautious student. Both have always been too relaxed, and they have never relaxed for a moment. Without such "cultivation" day after day, they will not be able to reach today's height. Today's entrepreneurs who want to succeed easily and easily are daydreamers.

Just as Zhou Hongyi thinks that it was a big mistake to sell 3721 that year, Lei Jun will also say that selling excellence in the past is a big mistake. However, in fact, it was the first time that Zhou Hongyi and Lei Jun really gained financial freedom, and its potential meaning and influence were self-evident. That day, Lei Jun called me and Zhou Hongyi and other friends to go to the bar to drink. He repeatedly told me how hard it is to do excellence, and how to manage the e-commerce logistics is overwhelmed. Lei Jun is indeed a heartfelt excitement and relaxation from the heart. The same is true for Zhou Hongyi. Financial freedom has enabled these two people who have always stretched themselves too tightly to relax a part of their own nerves and enter a new realm that can plan for a bigger cause, releasing more energy.

In the first few years of Xiaomi, it was easier to see Lei Jun. Regarding the doubts of the outside world and my concern that the development is too fast and may be out of control, Lei Jun always said that it is a kind of experiment, and it will not be a big failure. It’s no longer the case that in the past Jinshan period, he was afraid of being left untouched by the industry. For the holidays that I used to make him very hurt, the first time I was relieved, at least I won’t repeat it. Of course, the high-speed millet is like a speeding train, and its rhythm determines the state in which he must be taut. Fortunately, Lei Jun is the programmer's origin, the logic of the interlocking, the carefulness of each line of code, to ensure that Lei Jun masters the overall control and details. Xiaomi did not derail, and Lei Jun’s ability to control the details was inseparable. One day we were in his office. When his other meeting was not over, let me wait in his room. I saw the next very important conference that he had not yet had time to wipe out on the whiteboard. When to pause, when to applaud, when to create a climax, is accurate to a few minutes. It's just like a movie script, and the level of detail is amazing.

Xiaomi’s high-speed train began to slow down rapidly due to the saturation of the smartphone market and Yu Chengdong’s halfway. So far, the damage and elimination have been deducted, and the active users of Xiaomi products are about 100 million. In the past, people had a standard. When a media penetration rate exceeded 20%, it could be called mass media with broad social influence. We use it a lot. When a company's product penetration rate exceeds the critical point of 20%, it truly has a mass brand that is based on the whole society and has a public appeal. According to China's population, it is 300 million active users per day (not simple product sales and non-real-time online users). Today, the Internet applications that really have 300 million active users online every day are basically just BAT. Today, Xiaomi still has a gap of 200 million. In other words, if Xiaomi wants to reach a true level of people's hearts, it needs to cross the gap between 100 million and 300 million users. And if Xiaomi can continue to grow by more than 50% per year, it will take only two years to reach this critical tipping point.

Today, Xiaomi's development faces real challenges. We can't change Yu Chengdong's stand out. However, we can at least look back and analyze what aspects of the past can be more exciting, and what the Lei Jun had missed in the past few years. It now appears that at least Lei Jun has committed four major mistakes:

First, Lei Jun is self-restraint on the issue of listing. The promise of not going to be listed has become a curse. If Xiaomi is listed in the hottest time in 2014 (the savvy and unique Ma Yun twice in 2007 and 2014 respectively, the best listed nodes in their own small environment and external environment), can basically raise billions of dollars in one fell swoop. Money, in today's smart phone competition into the white-hot Red Sea stage, money is the most convenient way to exchange time. With this super fund as a fuel, it is enough for Xiaomi's train to continue to maintain a faster speed today, successfully crossing the gap of 300 million active users. Therefore, in terms of courage and courage, Lei Jun still lacks a bit of a blow like Ma Yun who dares to break through the sky. I missed a great opportunity that I could have met before.

Second, the globalization of the layout. Since it is a business model based entirely on cyberspace, it has a unique advantage in globalization, and it does not need to go through as many years as Huawei has gone through. If Lei Jun’s vision is further broadened, Xiaomi’s globalization strategy should be one of the most important strategic priorities in the initial stage of entrepreneurship. At least in 2013, you should go out in a big way. If there is radical capital operation and there is a tens of billions of US dollars as a global ammunition after listing, if Xiaomi is fully deployed in Europe, America, India and other countries today, half of today’s income comes from abroad (or at least three-thirds). a), then, today the domestic market is fierce, Xiaomi can also be very calm and calm.

The third is diversification. Lei Jun did not have great success in Jinshan. On the one hand, it was related to the strategic direction of choice, and it was also related to the chaotic diversification. If you have to sum up a little bit of Lei Jun’s biggest change in Xiaomi, there is no doubt that he has entered the extreme concentration from the extreme diversification of the Jinshan period. Today, Xiaomi’s play seems to make people see the Lei Jun at the time of Jinshan. Diversification undermined the strategic nature of Xiaomi's focus and disrupted the very rare overall sense. In a word, diversification made the whole situation messy. Just like today's Zhou Hongyi, although the inertia is still the same, the volume is still huge, but because of too many clues, the rules are messy. Need to refocus on the main direction and core competitiveness, Zhou Hongyi can regain the lethality of his unique market. Similarly, under various pressures, Lei Jun is also a little lost in the huge ecological dream of his own "star sea", which is undoubtedly his greatest danger.

The fourth is radical clean-up thinking. The industry has spread a very classic saying: "We are not competing, we are coming to the clearance." The low price strategy is indeed the most lethal and the fastest way to achieve results. The various products launched by Xiaomi are expected to kill all players in the traditional field, and the other hand wants to block competitors in the Internet field. If the low-cost strategy is so simple and effective, then today's global business ecosystem cannot develop healthily. Price is not the most important factor in satisfying and pleasing users.

There are no second chances when some mistakes are made, and some mistakes can still be repeated. Some tuition fees are expensive and must be paid. The development of Xiaomi to this day is not as pessimistic as the critics have described. As long as I return to the core of helping myself to succeed, and returning to the track of cyberspace thinking pioneered by Lei Jun, the slow Xiaomi can still reach a new height that she can't imagine. It’s just because it’s a detour.

In short, the success of the Internet field is full of accidents, full of regrets, but success has never been easy.

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