Read Education TCL Intelligent Cloud TVE5390 ​​Review (Intelligent articles)

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[PConline evaluation] In the last evaluation, the evaluation room of the Pacific brought us the evaluation of the TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​foundation. Today Pacific evaluation room then brought everyone the evaluation of the TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​smart article. As a smart TV, smart experience is indispensable. We have upgraded the TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​to UI 4.0, and can install rich Android applications. The E5390 ​​has the first TV point-reading education system in China. With just one click, the content is instantly displayed on the TV screen; Interactive 2.0 function, to achieve TV, PAD, mobile phone resources sharing and sharing, video on demand, interactive games, TV remote control, photo cloud sharing. Next, with the small series into the TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​TV smart articles evaluation.

TCL Intelligent Cloud TV E5390 ​​Review (Intelligent articles)

The basic performance of TCL Smart Cloud TV L48E5390A-3D, including appearance, menu interface, 3D effects, color performance, high-definition video playback, etc. have been given in the last article. For more information, please click on the link below.

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First, point reading education of TCL E5390 ​​intelligent application

TCL's dot-reading education is the first television dot-reading education system in China. It places dot-reading educational content on television sets. With a click, reading content instantly appears on the TV screen. The dot reading education system consists of reading pens, reading textbooks, and teaching material videos on television, similar to the dot reading machine on the market, but it is easier to use and more convenient to upgrade.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Education Package

The reading pen looks cute, the tail is Mickey Mouse, and the entire pen is too large for children to hold in their hands. The front of the reading pen is the play/pause key, the power indicator, the left side is the volume key, the right side is the opening key and the charging port, and can be charged through the USB cable.

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​reading pen

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​reading pen

In the reading education package, there are a total of 5 point reading materials. The content of the teaching materials is mainly for early childhood education. There are pinyin teaching and some fairy tales. The content is lively and lively, and it is easy to attract children's attention, and the children can also control by themselves. Yu Le.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Education Package

When you use it, you only need to tap the text to tap the textbook. The corresponding video teaching will be displayed on the TV screen. You can use the pen to control the video playback, playback pause, and volume increase and decrease. The reading pen is operated through the infrared device on the head of the red mic mouse. The television responds quickly and can basically synchronize.

Tap on the textbook to show the video teaching on the TV screen

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Reading Education

The point-reading education system pioneered by TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390, through the combination of cartoon and comic materials, can quickly attract children's attention and make children happy to learn and entertain. Not only that, but parents can also interact with children and children, accompanied them while learning to play, and strengthen communication and exchanges with children. However, at present, the content of TCL point reading education is not yet abundant, and it is expected that TCL will increase more reading education materials.

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Second, multi-screen interaction of TCL E5390 ​​intelligent applications

The principle of multi-screen interaction is based on DLNA protocol or IGRS protocol, through WIFI network connection, in different multimedia terminals, such as common different iOS, Android, Symbian and other different operating systems on different smart terminal devices such as mobile phones, PAD, TV, etc. Between the multimedia (audio, video, picture) content transmission, analysis, display, control and a series of operations, you can simultaneously share display content on different platform devices to enrich the user's multimedia life.

The functions of multi-screen interaction of TCL smart cloud TV include sharing of TV, PAD, and mobile phone resources, video on demand, interactive games, TV remote control, and photo cloud sharing. Users only need to download TCL's multi-screen interactive 2.0 to Android mobile phone or tablet to achieve these functions in the Android market such as, and instantly turn the mobile phone or tablet into a remote controller, mouse, and game controller.

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​multi-screen interactive area

However, in order to save costs, TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​does not have a built-in wireless network card. To implement multi-screen interaction, users must purchase a wireless router, then use a network cable to connect the computer to the router, and the mobile phone or tablet is connected to the router's WIFI network. In this way, the TV is on the same LAN as the phone or tablet. Or the user can purchase a USB wireless network card separately, so that there is no need to use a network cable to connect the TV to the router, avoiding the wiring troubles.

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​multi-screen interactive

The functions possessed by the remote control include conventional buttons, extended buttons, virtual mouse, and voice control, among which the voice control has not yet achieved its function. The conventional keys are mainly a direction key, a main menu, a back key, and the like. The extended keys mainly include a numeric key, a program channel, etc. The conventional keys and the extended keys add up to a single key of the remote controller. In addition, the conventional key has an input box, for example, when inputting text, the content can be input by using the mobile phone input method on the mobile phone, and after the completion, press the submit button.

Mobile phone as a TV remote control

Remote control TV with mobile phone

The virtual mouse is similar to the touchpad of a notebook, and the user can use this function when browsing the webpage or using Android software. Mouse response is more sensitive and fluent.

Virtual mouse is similar to notebook touchpad

Tencent's video push feature is implemented by watching online video on a mobile phone, then clicking on the video feed, buffering for about 15 seconds, and displaying the corresponding video on the TV.

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​Tencent video push function

The video push is achieved through the DLNA technology in the local area network, so the speed of video watching on the main mobile phone is sufficient, and there will be no stagging in television viewing.

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Third, TCL E5390 ​​smart application web browsing / audio news / Android application

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​uses panoramic web browsing, web browsing is better, there is no black border; FLASH is supported, and videos can be viewed via web pages. Users can browse news, shopping and other functions through the TV. Of course, users can also install other mainstream Android browsers such as UC to browse web pages.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Web Browsing

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Web Browsing

Voice news is a feature of TCL Smart TV. Users only need to click the sound button on the interface, and the TV will automatically read the news for you. News updates are good. There are a lot of news updates every day. The content includes domestic, international, economic, entertainment, sports, etc. Some news also comes with pictures. The sound news interface is simple and clear, whether it is the elderly or children at home can get started. However, reading aloud news is not reading by a real person. It is a machine reading.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Audio News

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Audio News

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​can now be upgraded to UI 4.0, which has a wealth of network applications, users can download a variety of software through the Android market, plus mobile phone remote control, virtual mouse, etc., can be a variety of better software Playability and convenience.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Smart Application

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​PPTV Client

Users can view the maps of various places through the Google Maps of TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390. The map function is not much, and the scale is mainly increased or decreased.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Google Maps

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Google Maps

TCL Intelligent Cloud TV E5390 ​​has better optimization in terms of intelligence, and the panoramic browser has excellent web browsing results. The reading of sound news makes it easy for the elderly who have poor eyesight at home to learn about current affairs hotspots and various news channels. The remote control function in the multi-screen interaction is very good to make up for the lack of experience that traditional Android TV can only bring through remote control.

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Fourth, TCL E5390 ​​intelligent application of China TV/online education

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​comes with a rich TV content and online education content, and the classification is very detailed. The number of Chinese TV interface is dynamic, the switching effect between the pages is good, the classification is detailed, there are hot images, hit TV drama, sports events, Liyuan world, comic dialogue, BBC area, love listening to music, cool rice animation music, etc. 22 Category channels are suitable for different needs of different age groups, eliminating the time spent by users looking for videos of different categories, which greatly facilitates the viewing of users.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​China Interactive TV

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​China Interactive TV

In the information age, continuous learning is even more important. The online education function of TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​provides users with a wealth of online education videos, including 12 channels including student micro-classroom, personal development, cartoon animation, breeding world, white-collar life, and health care. Whether it is the children watching animation, the development of white-collar workers, or the health care of the elderly, the online education function of TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​can provide rich educational content.

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Online Education

TCL Smart Cloud TV E5390 ​​Online Education

The feeling of TCL's online video viewing to Xiao Bian is rich in content and detailed in classification, which greatly facilitates the user's choice of video viewing and saves the time required to find different types of videos.

PConline evaluation room summary:

TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​smart application is excellent, point reading education system has a greater role in family education, can greatly improve the fun of young children learning. The multi-screen interactive function improves the user experience of the Android system better, and brings new ways of home TV entertainment. Network video screen, TCL smart cloud TV E5390 ​​rich network content, detailed classification, smooth video playback, good quality. Whether adults watch movies, children watch animations, the elderly watch the drama or elevate themselves, and continue to learn, the E5390 ​​offers a wealth of choices. [Back to Channel Home]

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