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Before signing the decoration contract, it is required to design the water circuit transformation drawings, and strictly calculate the possible number of the following items according to the drawings: telephone line transformation, power socket transformation, switch panel transformation, waterway reconstruction, cable TV line transformation, network cable transformation, And calculate a reasonable fee for this. This will avoid increasing the cost of the item.

We are Manufacturer and Supplier to offer Modular Plugs in standard configurations to terminate modular cords for patching or work area applications. Our Modular plugs can be terminated to the exact cable length needed in order to maintain a neater, more organized installation. The modular plugs terminate twisted-pair cable with 26 - 22 AWG (0.40mm - 0.64mm) solid or 7-strand conductors with an insulated conductor diameter of 0.86 - 0.99mm (0.034 - 0.039 in.). All modular plug contacts have 50 microinches minimum of gold plating over nickel and meet TIA-968-A and IEC 60603-7 specifications.

Modular Plug is the name given to a family of electrical connectors originally used in telephone wiring and now used for many other purposes. Many applications that originally used a bulkier, more expensive connector have now migrated to modular connectors. Probably the most well known applications of modular connectors are for telephone jacks and for Ethernet jacks, both of which are nearly always Modular Connectors.

Modular Connectors were originally used with the registered jack system, which precisely describes how the connectors are wired for telecommunications. The registered jack specifications define the wiring patterns of the jacks, not the physical dimensions or geometry of the connectors of either gender. Instead, these latter aspects are covered by ISO standard 8877, first used in ISDN systems. TIA/EIA-568 is a standard for data circuits wired on Modular Plug&Connectors.

Other systems exist for assigning signals to modular connectors; physical interchangeability of plugs and jacks does not ensure interoperation, nor protection from electrical damage to circuits. For example, modular cables and connectors have been used to supply low-voltage AC or DC power and no clear standard exists for this application.

Modular Plugs

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