LED light source in the textile industry

The electricity used for lighting consumes about 20% of China's total power consumption, greatly reducing lighting power is an important way to save energy. In order to achieve this goal, the industry has researched and developed many kinds of energy-saving lighting fixtures, and achieved certain results, but far from the requirements of "green lighting". LED light sources are attracting people's attention because of their inherent advantages. In particular, LED light sources are used in the industrial field to produce lighting, which has become the focus of research and attention. The author combines his work experience in implementing the factory lighting renovation contract energy management project to talk about the application of LED light source in the textile industry.

1 Lighting status of the factory before the renovation

The lighting of the production workshop of a chemical fiber company in Nanjing is T8 ordinary fluorescent lamp. In the first phase of the project, about 5,500 pieces are used in the finishing and spinning production workshop, the single rated power is 36W, and the actual power is 44W. The total power is 242 kW; the annual lighting time is 8 760 h, the electricity price is 0.8 yuan/kW·h, the annual lighting electricity consumption is about 2.12 million kW·h, and the annual lighting electricity consumption is about 1.7 million yuan.

In order to save electricity, the factory plans to carry out lighting and energy-saving renovation.

2 Factory lighting renovation plan

In order to select the factory-friendly, energy-saving lighting for the production workshop, the author and the work team conducted field research and initially selected 12W and 14W ultra-high brightness white LED lamps produced by an electronics company in Yixing. The main features of the lamp are:

(1) Ultra-high brightness, low light decay, energy-saving effect is more than 90% energy saving than incandescent lamps, and more than 65% energy saving than ordinary fluorescent lamps.

(2) Compatible with traditional daylight fixtures.

(3) Green and environmental protection. The light source is free of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, and the lamp contains no mercury. It can be recycled after it is broken.

(4) The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy and high-strength PC. The product structure is firm, collision-resistant and heat-dissipating.

(5) The service life is long (5 to 10 million h).

(6) Strong environmental adaptability. It can work normally at a temperature of -30 ° C ~ 40 ° C, 10% ~ 90% humidity.

(7) We also compared the white LED lamp with the T8 ordinary fluorescent lamp. The results are shown in Table 1 and Table 2.

After comparison, in terms of illumination, the actual average illumination of the 12W white LED lamp is 227 Lx, and the 14W white LED lamp is 2 51 Lx, which can meet the requirements of the production illumination average illumination >200 Lx. In terms of power consumption, the actual power of the 12W white LED is 13.83W, which is 69% lower than the actual power of the 36W T8 lamp in use; the actual power of the 14W white LED is 16.39 W, which is better than the 36WT8 lamp in use. Saving electricity by 63%.

3 transformation benefit analysis

The first phase of the company's finishing and spinning 5,500 production of lighting T8 lamps, changed to white LED (12W or 14W) lamps, annual lighting time and electricity prices unchanged, can save electricity consumption of about 149 ~ 1.39 million kW · h / a , saving electricity costs about 119 to 1.12 million yuan / a. The factory lighting project has an investment payback period of 2.71 years. Through the lighting renovation of Nanjing Chemical Fiber Company and the use of LED lights, the promotion and application of advanced energy-saving LED lighting in the textile industry has practical significance for energy saving and consumption reduction.

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