Provincial Consumers Association reminds: buy air conditioning, don't forget to sign "special agreement"

Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Consumers Association that as the weather gets hotter, air conditioners enter the prosperous season of the year, so air conditioners are difficult to deliver on time, and problems such as untimely installation are increasing. Once this happens, the merchant will evade responsibility for various reasons. To this end, the relevant personnel of the Provincial Consumers Association advise consumers to purchase air conditioners.

FTTH is an optical fiber directly to the home of the foreign language abbreviation, the Chinese abbreviation for fiber to the home. Specifically, FTTH refers to the optical network unit (ONU) installed in the home user or business users, is the optical access network in addition to FTTD (fiber to the desktop) closest to the user's optical access network application type. A significant feature of the FTTH is not only to provide greater bandwidth, and enhance the network transparency of data format, rate, wavelength and protocol, the relaxation of environmental conditions and power supply requirements, simplify maintenance and installation. Speaking of FTTH, first of all, we must talk about fiber access. Optical fiber access refers to the end of the transmission between the user and the fiber as the media. Fiber access can be divided into active optical access and passive optical access. Optical fiber transmission technology is the main technology of optical fiber subscriber network. At present, the multiplexing technology of optical fiber transmission is developing very fast, and most of them have been applied in practice. According to the depth of the user's degree of fiber, can be divided into FTTC, FTTZ, FTTO, FTTF, FTTH, etc..

FTTH Components

Fiber Optic Adapter,Optical Cable Adapter,Fiber Patch Panel,Fiber Termination Box

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