Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer collaborate to develop OLED lighting components with a luminous efficacy of 52 lm/W

[High-tech LED News] In order to fully develop the OLED lighting business in 2014, Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer of Japan jointly developed the OLED components for lighting using the coating process from January 2010. Recently, a white light-emitting OLED device using a coating process to form a light-emitting layer has been successfully developed, and the luminous efficiency is as high as 52 lm/W, and the luminance half-life is as long as 20,000 hours at an initial luminance of 1000 cd/m 2 .

This element is formed by filming the lower layer of the element and the light-emitting layer by a coating process, and the upper layer is formed by vapor deposition.

Mitsubishi Chemical's OLED lighting source module "VELVE", which was scheduled to be launched in July 2011, uses a coating process only when the film is formed in the lower layer of the component. The luminous efficiency is 28 lm/W, which is scheduled to be mass-produced by the Northeast Pioneer.

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