Renovation class: Remember the four elements of kitchen decoration

People eat food for the day, the kitchen is the place to cook food, is the most basic place of our lives. As the “heart” part of the home improvement, the kitchen is designed with a reasonable kitchen space to enjoy the warmth and happiness in the daily kitchen work. Although the kitchen design is not fixed, we should also consider the following when designing the decoration.

The Spool Insulator is usually used in low voltage distribution network. Spool Type Insulator can be used both in horizontal and vertical position. The following Porcelain Spool Insulators comply with the ANSI standard, the glaze colour of the spool and shackle  insulators are brown, etc..


1.The tapered hole of the spool insulator distributes the load more evenly 
2.Minimizing the possibility of breakage when heavily loaded. 
3.Very reliable, with a proven track record. Over 80 years of experience
4.Easier to maintain, can be coated and washed
5.Easy to identify a damaged unit
Type 53-1 53-2 53-3 53-4 53-5
Transverse Strength,KN 9 13 13 20 27
Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage,KV 20 25 25 15 35
Low Frequency Dry Flashover Voltage,KV Vertical,KV 8 12 12 12 18
Horizontal 10 15 15 15 25
Dimensions,mm H 54 76 76 76 105
D 57 79 79 105 102
d1 44 44 44 73 73
Dry, kv 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5 17.5
Wet, kv 11 17.5 17.5 16 11
Net Weight, Each Approx., kg 0.2 0.5 0.5 1.05 1.2
spool insulator 53-2spool insulator 53-3spool insulator 53-4spool insulator 53-5

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Spool Insulator

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