Says children should not play VR Google will want to push a child's VR video

Recently, Google's Spotlight Stories team released a 360° interactive short film called “Rain or Shine”, which is the team’s eighth work. Unlike before, the short video, which lasts about 5 minutes, is mainly developed for children.

Rain or Shine 360° Interactive Video

"Rain or Shine" tells the story of a little girl named Ella wearing her new sunglasses to go out. The short film is tailored specifically to mobile screens, but Google has deliberately added a lot of interactive elements. The length of time the viewer's eyes stayed in a certain place will be different. The contents of the videos will be different. For example, a couple in the story will drink in front of the bar. Couples, the more viewers see them, will find that they drink more and more drunk.

Currently, "Rain or Shine" can be viewed on YouTube, and can also be downloaded via the iOS and Android platform's App Store. Visitors can use Google Daydream Headset and Google Cardboard to watch.

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