Application of OLED in the field of head-mounted display

Application of OLED in the field of head-mounted display

Head-mounted displays with video glasses and portable theaters as important carriers have been more and more widely used and developed. It has excellent advantages in digital soldiers, virtual reality, virtual reality games, 3G and video glasses integration, ultra-portable multimedia devices and video glasses integration.
Compared with LCD and LCOS, the application of OLED in head-mounted displays has great advantages: clear and bright full-color display, ultra-low power consumption, etc., is a major driving force for the development of head-mounted displays.
The first to apply OLED to video glasses was eMagin in the United States. Whether it is for civilian consumer fields, industrial applications or even military applications, it provides an excellent solution for near-eye applications. Along with this, video glasses using the European ultra-micro OLED display were introduced to the market. In China, iTheater took the lead in launching the world's first polymer ultra-micro OLED display video glasses with its strong R & D strength; with its full intellectual property background, it successfully entered the domestic military field for the construction of Chinese digital soldier make an effort.

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