The simplest homemade radio

The simplest homemade radio

(1) Structure:
There are three knobs in the front of the bottom version: on the left is a 365pf air variable, used for tuning. In the middle is a splitter for an old ore machine, with 8 lugs, used to switch the 8 taps of the tuning coil, to Find the impedance matching with the detection input terminal to get the maximum detection output. The right side is also a 365pf air variable to adjust the resonance frequency of the frame coil. The cylindrical coil is made of a glass tube with a diameter of 46mm and a length of 120mm (Basically equivalent to an air-core coil, with almost no loss of electromagnetic waves). The above is wound with 0.09 * 32 strands of enameled wire. The antenna coil is next to the tuning coil, there is no gap in the middle. The tuning coil starts to tap around 20 turns of the ground end and turns around. A head is drawn every 10 turns, a total of 8 heads are drawn, and it will be connected to the splitter in the future. The antenna coil is wound around 40 turns, 20 turns, and 30 turns. A main head is connected to the end of the active ore, Equivalent to the anode of the diode.
The length of the three arms on the frame antenna is 600mm, and the length of the lower arm is 650mm. The long part is used to be fixed on the base. Among them, the upper three arms have 18 lower wire slots, and the lower arm There are 19 lower wire grooves. When winding, start winding from the lower wire groove near the middle of the lower arm, using 0.09 * 42 strands of goose silk enameled wire, a total of 18 turns and 1/4 turns, and the end is fixed below In the last lower thread groove of the arm.
The active ore is made by myself (posted before by the production method) is relatively large and very beautiful. The transformer behind is used to match the horn speaker, the speaker is 5W8 Euro.
During the test, it was first connected to the double-voltage detection mode, and then to the half-wave detection mode. Compared with the full wave, it felt no difference. In the end, in order to obtain the best results, a 2AP9 was connected in parallel. Can be converted to each other.
Two output terminals are designed, one is matched with high-impedance earphones, the binding post is located on the left side of the back of the bottom plate. The other is connected to the primary side of the transformer (impedance matcher), and the secondary is connected to the horn speaker. The two output terminals are equipped with each The detection device is equipped with each filter capacitor. The transformer is also the original self-made power transformer. It is 220V once and 10V * 2, two-wire parallel winding, 220V side is connected to the detection output terminal, and it is connected to the horn horn again. It is 5W8 Euro. Each wire is connected with a 1mm thick enameled wire.
(2) Effect:
In a relatively quiet and safe environment, no external antenna is connected, only one ground wire (I am connected to the heating equipment. It can be heard within 4m and it is very clear. Connected to the external antenna (I am connected to the cable TV Shielded Online), the sound is heard within 5m. The efficiency is very high. This is one of my most proud works
Make the simplest radioMake the simplest radioMake the simplest radioMake the simplest radio

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