RF transmit power amplifier circuit

RF transmit power amplifier circuit

The RF power amplifier uses the power amplifier chip SBB-2089 from 50 to 850 MHz. In fact, the power gain can reach 20 dB, and the current transmission and reception distance can reach about 150 m. It is more suitable for traffic condition reminders. Without the permission of the committee, the receiving distance can be further expanded. The power amplifier circuit is shown in Figure 5.

Power amplifier circuit

S100 I/O is the central process interface for Advant Controller 400 series process controllers. Thanks to built-in cablemarshalling facilities and parallel communication with the host controller, it is the right choice for centralized I/O systems and high-speed applications. The range of process I/O Modules is complete, consisting of general purpose digital and analog inputs and outputs and special interfaces for special tasks. These specials include pulse counting, frequency measuring, positioning, motor speed control and communication with other controllers. All I/O modules provide simple interfacing, accurate - yet fast - control, and easy integration of individual loops into a comprehensive plant-wide control and supervision system. The interface modules connect to the process through screw terminals on connection units normally installed inside, at the back of the cabinet. This solution keeps noise and destructive voltage spikes away from the central electronics and provides a neat and tidy process interface that is easy to maintain.

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