MediaTek Android solution comes out next year: Marvell grabs the order first

MediaTek Android solution comes out next year: Marvell grabs the order first

According to Taiwan media reports, MediaTek ’s Android platform solution was launched late in the second half of next year. During this gap, Marvell, which specializes in smart phone chip solutions, unexpectedly rushed ahead of MediaTek and cooperated with multiple mobile phone manufacturers to launch 3G. New product.

It is reported that Netcom's Youwang recently entered the 3G market, using Marvell chips. Youwang and Skyworth Mobile Communications jointly announced when they officially entered the Chinese 3G market.

MediaTek, which has an advantage in the 2G field, is currently at a loss of 3G. At least the Android solution will not be launched until the second half of next year, forming a gap period to allow competitors who already have related products to compete, hoping that before MediaTek has yet to show power , Hurry to enter the market.

Jiang Peng, manager of Marvell's marketing development department, said that Marvell is focused on smart phone chip integration solutions. Therefore, when MediaTek has not officially launched the Android integration solution, Marvell has already cooperated with many terminal vendors.

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