The first single-chip solution for 3DTV, MEMC and dimming

The first single-chip solution for 3DTV, MEMC and dimming

NXP Semiconductors has announced the PNX5130, which is the industry ’s first video coprocessor capable of 3DTV, frame rate conversion (FRC), and local backlight dimming in a single chip. Since no external FPGA device is required to support 3DTV, NXP provides a highly economical back-end processing solution that allows manufacturers to bring highly competitive, 3D-enabled TVs to the mainstream consumer market. The PNX5130 can convert all widely used 3DTV formats into line and frame interlaced display, providing maximum flexibility to support emerging 3DTV standard designs. The PNX5130 is available immediately and will be demonstrated at the 2010 CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Vincent Vermeer, director of product marketing for NXP Semiconductors ’digital TV systems, said:“ 3DTV provides unique new products for home entertainment systems. With the increasing popularity of 3D movies, we expect that in the next two years, TV viewers will be exposed to more 3D Video content, including broadcast content and games. The problem facing TV manufacturers is how to enable ordinary consumers to more economically obtain a three-dimensional viewing experience. PNX5130 is a key component of this solution, which supports both in a single integrated chip 3DTV, FRC and local LED backlight dimming reduce the overall cost. "

Flexible 3DTV structure

Although 3DTV is still in the early stages of standardization, the flexible structure of the PNX5130 supports the most popular encoding formats, including spatial 3D, temporal 3D, depth 3D, and display.

The PNX5130 can also drive two different 3DTV display technologies currently in use: frame interlacing, which can support 240Hz; and line interlacing. In frame interlaced display, the images seen by the left and right eyes are displayed in sequence, requiring shutter glasses synchronized with alternating frames. In line-interlaced display, passive polarized glasses are used to filter between odd and even lines to display different images for the left and right eyes. In addition, PNX5130 can also generate 2D video depth, or adjust the depth of stereo content.

Motion Precision Image Processing (MAPP)

The high-performance PNX5130 video post-processing platform also supports image shake compensation technology, which implements 3DTV. PNX5130 is based on the PNX5100 platform structure-PNX5100 is widely recognized for its efficient support of MEMC (motion estimation, motion compensation); on this basis, PNX5130 uses NXP's proprietary next-generation MAPP (motion accurate image processing) technology, in one The device also incorporates image jitter cancellation, motion clarity and vivid color management functions.

Technical Information

The main features of the highly integrated PNX5130 video coprocessor include:

3DTV algorithm and format converter can convert all widely used 3DTV formats into line interlace (60 / 120Hz) display and frame interlace (120 / 240Hz) display

· Outstanding motion definition technology, and full motion compensation up-conversion (ME / MC) to 1920 x 1080p at 120Hz and 240Hz

· High-definition image shake compensation technology and motion blur reduction technology to reduce halo

· Integrated local dimming function, suitable for comprehensive local dimming applications and MEMC applications

· Wide tone mapping; skin tone protection; green, blue and white stretch; sharpness enhancement technology (2D peak, LTI, CTI, CDS); and contrast enhancement technology

120Hz and 240Hz TV dynamic backlight control and 2D (partial) dimming

In addition, PNX5130 will provide integrated full motion estimation technology for 3DTV in the first quarter of 2010.

Time to market

PNX5130 engineering design samples will be available soon, and the final software version will be available in the first quarter of 2010.

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