Decoration tips: different walls use different paints

Varnish construction process: Clean the surface of the wood → sanding paper → polishing the powder → sanding the sandpaper → full scraping the first time putty, sanding paper polishing → full scraping the second time putty, fine sanding paper polishing → painting oil color → brush The first time varnish → find the color, make up the putty, fine sandpaper polishing → brush the second varnish, fine sandpaper polishing → brush the third time

Pigtail FC includes the single mode and multimode types.OFC pigtail are with premium grade connectors and with typical 0.9mm outer diameter cables. Pigtail FC is with different cable colors, cable diameters and jacket types optional. Pigtail FC Connector is compliant to IEC, TIA/EIA, NTT and JIS specifications. The FC connector is with PC, UPC, APC versions. Both single mode and multimode versions come with a zirconia ceramic ferrule.Pigtail FC are low back reflection and optical loss while ensuring maximum repeatability.It's applicable with 9/125 single mode, 50/125 multimode or 62.5/125 multimode fiber.

Pigtail FC

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