Holtek Semiconductor Introduces New Recording and Playback Flash Type IC HT83F22

21ic News Holtek Semiconductor has launched a new recording and playback Flash type IC HT83F22. The HT83F22 is a recordable/playable Flash Voice MCU. Plug-in standard SPI Flash Memory, customers can flexibly choose different sizes of SPI Flash Memory according to different application conditions.

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The HT83F22 includes a group of 8-bit microcontrollers with built-in Flash Program ROM, high-speed SPI and I2C interface, AGC, 12-bit ADC, voltage mono 12-bit voltage DAC and power amplifier with minimal external parts. , excellent noise resistance and industrial temperature range (-40 ° C ~ +85 ° C), making the product import recording / playback function more reliable and simpler.

The HT83F22 series provides high-end software and hardware development tools (EasyPlayTM). It has built-in multiple APIs and voice playback modes, and it is easy to use with the Holtek USB burner. It can easily program programs and voices. Applications such as home protection, anti-theft devices, health care, voice appliances, toy gifts, etc., provide a fast and reliable recording/playback IC solution in an era requiring a small amount of diversification and fast delivery.

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