Use the refrigerator to avoid cold storage, frozen food should be cautious

In most cases, people are busy purchasing food and seeing the refrigerator as a “warehouse”. No matter whether the refrigerator can accommodate or not, the food is put into the refrigerator. Although the refrigerator has it, everyone will use it, but there are some precautions. But not everyone knows. There are some taboos for storing and freezing food: 1. Hot food is absolutely

Children or Kids Headphones are specially designed for children over 3 years old. The biggest difference from ordinary headphones is hearing protection. The maximum decibel value is limited to 85dB.


1. Protect children's hearing, 85dB maximum volume. 

2. Strange style, including a variety of cartoon design. 

3. The color is bright and cool, and it is very popular among children. 

4. Comfortable to wear.

Kids Headphone Earphone

Kids Headphone Earphones

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