Lehman Optoelectronics booth on the Super "bad mess" forced to change the revenue share under pressure

[Higher Engineers News] After the "Super League Sale" news was disclosed, Super League and Lehman Optoelectronics (300162) could not sit still.

According to relevant reports, Lehman Optoelectronics arrived in Beijing on the early morning of the 28th and held an emergency meeting with Lu Jun and others on the morning of the 28th and reached a new agreement. On the 29th, the reporter tried to contact the Super League company, but the relevant people did not respond to this statement on the grounds of "being in a meeting." Lehman Optoelectronics told reporters that the company will not respond to these rumors before the press conference.

According to the "Sports Weekly" reported yesterday, recently Super League and Lehman Optoelectronics have reached an agreement after consultation, the two sides to adjust the benefits of the second circle of advertising board: that is, Super League and Lehman Optoelectronics will be divided into four or six.

According to the relevant regulations of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, if the Super League and Lehman Optoelectronics reached a "four-six-divided" agreement, it means that Lehman Optoelectronics must re-revise the announcement disclosed on June 17.

However, a listed company's announcement of different natures on the same issue twice in a month is likely to cause doubts from shareholders and is likely to cause changes in Lehman's share price.

If Lehman Optoelectronics does not re-define the announcement, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has the right to impose penalties on Lehman Optoelectronics in accordance with Section 193 of the Securities Act. Article 193 of the Securities Law stipulates that if the issuer, listed company or other information disclosure obligor fails to disclose information in accordance with the provisions, or if the disclosed information has false records, misleading statements or major omissions, the securities regulatory authority shall order it to make corrections. Give a warning and impose a fine of 300,000 yuan to 600,000 yuan, and impose a partial fine on the relevant senior management according to the situation.

According to the monitoring data of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute, the share price of Lehman Optoelectronics has risen 5.18% after the announcement of the relevant agreement on the 17th, benefiting from the agreement that the outside world unanimously believes that “the Super League sells”, closing at 25.20 as of the 30th. Yuan, however, the market outlook will become more complicated.

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