How to design night lights

How to design night lights The director of the Lighting Design Institute of the Landscape Architecture Design and Research Institute of the China Academy of Art cuts in the song “Onion” and combines two examples of night lighting design to discuss the realizable effects of lighting design.

The right light is to start from people and return to people themselves

If you are willing to peel my heart one by one, you will find that you are the secret of my most depressing and deepest, as long as you can hear me see my whole heart... The lyrics of “Onion” show the onion “The essence of displaying the inner core after exfoliation is to use the “onion” as a metaphor for excellent landscape lighting design. Many lighting designs rely on feelings, they feel very important, they need to be refined, and they feel it is right. Works can resonate with people, but judging whether a work is done well requires the 'accuracy' of the judgment and the combination of sensuality and rationality. Any master's work is indispensable for precision, precision is for long-term work. The result is that, like peeling an onion, when doing lighting design, it is necessary to step through the fog layer by layer to discover what the user really needs.

The charm of good lighting design is reflected in “Starting from people, that is to say, it should first meet the functional needs of people's daily life, and then bring people’s inner psychological happiness through lighting design. Good and appropriate lighting is to return to the “people”. 'itself.


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