How to program a Xilinx FPGA using a script

I am currently working on a GUI project and I want to try to implement a simple GUI with an FPGA. The hardware basic module and the entire hardware system have been designed, but the software program is still in the debugging stage. Due to the large program, the internal BRAM of the FPGA is completely insufficient. Only the running program can be put into the DDR DRAM. This led to a two-step process for FPGA programming:

1. Use Impact to download the Download.bit file to the FPGA first (Download.bit file only contains bootloop.elf)

2. Download the executable.elf file to DDR SDRAM via XMD, then run the program

Because each time the program changes need to be re-downloaded, it is often necessary to enter the same command in EDKshell or in the XMD terminal.

Why is the repetitive work not done by the computer?

The following gives a solution, although not perfect, but it is enough for my debugging. Specific steps are as follows:

Write a script for downloading bistream files to the FPGA. Of course, the script is definitely based on Impact. Here is the script file, download.cmd
The contents of the script are as follows:

setMode -bscan

setCable -p auto


Assignfile -p 3 -file download.bit

Program -p 3


Write a script that downloads the executable file into memory or BRAM via XMD and names it xmd.opt
The contents of the script are as follows:

Connect mb mdm;
Dow executable.elf;


Put download.bit, executable.elf, xmd.opt, and download.cmd in a folder

Open the EDK Shell, cd to the folder directory you just created, and then run the following command:
$impact –batch download.cmd && xmd –opt xmd.opt

5. Edit a download.tcl file with the following contents

Impact –batch download.cmd;
Xmd –opt xmd.opt;

Then run the following command in EDKshell:

$source download.tcl

in conclusion:

Edit three script files separately

Batch file (.cmd) run with impact

Script file (.opt) running with XMD

Generic script (.tcl) running with source

Finally run under the EDK Shell

As for each command of the script, there is no explanation here. If you are interested, you can refer to the following documents:

Impact User Manual

XMD Operation Manual ~helinski/files/ECE344/T1_XMD%20commands%20REFERENCE%20V2.pdf


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